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RepeatOffender-Johnny Rapid, Rafael Alencar (20)

This week saw the 1000th scene added to the daily updated Men.com¬†on their Drill My Hole section. Are you excited? You might be if you’re a big Johnny Rapid or Rafael Alencar fan and enjoyed their first prison scene together where Johnny and Rafael were inmates fucking in the shower. Johnny was released from prison, but once a bad boy, always a bad boy and his ass has landed back in the slammer! Is he ready for some hot prison sex?

RepeatOffender-Johnny Rapid, Rafael Alencar (1)

The guard issues him a warning and send him to wash off, when lo and behold, who wonders into the shower stalls? Rafael, of course! And he strips off his jump suit, and his mega schlong falls to his knees. He’s not wearing any underwear. He’s just always ready to fuck at a moments notice. Just like real life. Rafael recognizes Johnny and his sweet mouth and ass, and before he can even say a hello, Johnny is on his knees taking that huge, uncut Latin beef to the balls.

RepeatOffender-Johnny Rapid, Rafael Alencar (2) RepeatOffender-Johnny Rapid, Rafael Alencar (3) prison porn huge uncut dick prisoners in the shower

Rafael remembers how sweet and inviting Johnny’s ass was the first time too and soon his fingers start disappearing deep inside that hole. But his fingers aren’t gonna make him cum, so Johnny does his bottom tricks and wedges himself between the walls and holds himself up with his feet on one side and his back on the other, all so Rafael can have a fun way to fuck him. Johnny cries out as that behemoth plunges deep into his bowels, and who can blame him? Rafael likes to pull all the way out and dive back in.

fucking in prison shower prison shower fucking shower sex prison shower sex

They should have set this scene at a circus (Cirque de So-Gay) or something because apparently Johnny Rapid is a clown and performs neat tricks. He walks himself up the wall and hangs upside down to suck that throbbing chorizo. Soon enough, Johnny is back on that pole and riding it, before doing another trick and gets fucks hard with his feet off the floor.

weird blow job positionsprisoner pornRepeatOffender-Johnny Rapid, Rafael Alencar (11) RepeatOffender-Johnny Rapid, Rafael Alencar (12) prison rape prisoners having sex gay prison sex RepeatOffender-Johnny Rapid, Rafael Alencar (18) RepeatOffender-Johnny Rapid, Rafael Alencar (19)

Johnny can’t take anymore, so they jerk it and Rafael dumps his load all over Johnny’s bushy crotch and leg, giving him a proper welcome back to prison life. Johnny returns the favor, and his liquid cream drips down Rafael’s leg. I have a feeling this is going to be a fun life with tons of prison sex for the next ten to fifteen. Maybe by then he’ll be used to Rafael’s cock. I give this scene 4 LOADS for Rafael’s huge dick and Johnny’s circus tricks. Check it out on Drill My Hole from Men.com – with 8 sites updated daily!

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