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For my first review I decided to watch DIAMOND AUTO. Not a brand new release, but this blog isn’t here to promote just the newest and the hottest. It’s a tribute to ALL gay porn. You may have missed this movie and need to know if it’s worth picking up. I would say it’s worth if just for Derrek Diamond alone! Yes, I’m kind of biased. This adorable stud was first introduced to me when one of the other sites declared it “Derrek’s Ass Appreciation Day”, and from then on I was hooked.

All photos by Kent Taylor

I saved those pictures of his ass and then followed him on twitter. To my surprise he followed me back and we tweeted a couple times. He is not only hot and sexy, but kind and sweet.  He has the kind of face that makes you just want to kiss and hold him, the kind of ass that makes you want to bend him over and fuck him, and the kind of cock you would spend all day slobbering over. So to say I’m a fan is an understatement. Whatever happened to him? He has disappeared from twitter and facebook. Oh well, on to the review, but first, some pics! (UPDATE: He fell in love and got married, so he left porn. Damn, so romantic, why couldn’t it have been with me! :`( )

Derrek Diamonds hot ass

He's so kissable, huggable, and lovable.

Photo by Kent Taylor

The film opens with an establishing shot of DIAMOND AUTO. We assume these mechanics are hard at work tinkering with each others engines and performing lube jobs, but no, they’re just having sex. Bad economy, even the mechanics don’t have work. Derrek and his number one employee Alexsander Freitas are making out in their jumpsuits – hot, just what you’ve probably always wanted to do with the guy you see when you pull into Jiffy Lube.  That’s not just me right? Something about a man in cover alls, especially Derrek, that makes you want to rip it open and expose his junk. Bonus points if they can get the job done and keep the jumpsuit ON! Some making out, nipple sucking, and pretty soon Derrek’s ass is exposed and Alexsander  does what any smart guy would do – he starts to kiss it, lick it, and smack it…all on the floor, smack that til you get sore, smack that…I digress…It’s a pretty hot scene, they’re really into each other. I hope a customer doesn’t interrupt to get a dent banged out of his beamer. Derrek is busy chocking on and being face fucked by Alexsander’s huge, tattooed cock. He’s really hungry for it and goes after it like a mad dawg. Great oral scene! Then Alex pounds the shit out of Derrek and it’s really a sight to see! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a scene like this. Derrek is a true power bottom and takes the abuse like the pro that he is and wants more…even after the cum is fucked out of him.

Elsewhere in the shop, the other mechanics are hard at work…on each other.  Is there even going to be a cheesey scene where someone brings in their car for service, flirts badly with the mechanic, and then fuck? Well, not yet I guess! Jason Crew and Ethan Roberts go at it, because in this rough economy when there’s no business what better way to pass the time? They do a pretty good job sucking each other, but the uniforms are pretty much gone way too early for my liking. These two are bigger fans of dirty talk than Derrek and Alex, I like dirty talk. Suck it, you like that, open that mouth, yeah suck that big dick, all the way, and my favorite GOOD BOY! Then beats him in the face with his cock! Good stuff! Fucking, with construction boots ON, and more dirty talk! Jason takes a moment between moans and telling Ethan to take that big cock, to wink at the camera. Way to break the 4th wall.  It’s a hot scene. Jason pulls all the way out and slams it back in a few times and throws out some commands. I love a good dom! I guess we know who the supervisor is! I like Jason’s style. Gonna have to see if he’s in anything else. When they’re done they share some cute little kisses.

Jason Crew

Ethan Roberts


The next scene starts the way you (or okay maybe just me) would imagine a film like this starting – with a guy working on a car: wrenching something, checking his dipstick, and hoping a cock pokes him in the trunk.   Apparently working on cars is such a turn-on that Christian Wilde has to rub one out at work –  I guess that’s one way to fill a tank. He peels off his shirt to reveal his “Stand in the Sunlight” tattoo splayed across the top of his chest, no spray tan for this stud. His own spit isn’t enough and he finds an oil can conveniently filled with lube, probably oil-based. The big boss knows how to keep his employees happy with jerk-off breaks, I guess. It’s the appropriate thing to do when you have a hot employee with a big dick, and I’d be sure to make sure the surveillance camera were running. He ends up shooting a good load onto the side of the car from like a mile away.  Squirt, squirt, then rubs his dick on the car.

Our next scene skips any sort of foreplay and Raging Stallion nube (at the time), by the name of “Element” (thinks he’s porns Madonna or Cher), has made Ryan Patrick his bitch. Ryan is on his knees mid-BJ and this cutie eagerly sucks, slobbers, and deep throats Elements growing member (it apparently measures 11 inches). It’s a hot, rough cock suck with some breath control. The clothes come off, but thankfully the boots stay on as the two proceed with the sex and Element rims Ryan’s rosebud with a ring around the rectum.  Then the mohawk twink throws on a condom and begins to check Ryan’s oil levels with his dipstick.  Ryan kind of looks like a Ginger Wolverine with his facial hair…if Wolverine was a twenty-something power bottom who fucked his enemies to death and swallowed them up with his incredible stretching asshole. Seriously, his insides come out every time Element does. El doesn’t mind tho and continues filling the tank, pulling all the way out, teasing, and going back in. Ryan cums, surprised he felt anything, but I guess that’s why he needs a cock the size of an arm and El pulls out to dribble a load onto Wolv…I mean Ryan’s ass and licks it up.


Ryan Patrick

Some more working, this time moving tires, and when Conner Habib bends over Christian can’t help but to smack his ass.  Conner likes it and they go at each other like two bunnies in heat. Christian is hot though, glad he gets to put his skills to use with more than just his hand. Conner starts going for Chris’s cock through his pants, then looks up at him like oh, please can I suck your cock? Upon receiving an okay, he rips open the pants and goes at it with encouraging commands and moans from Christian. It’s a fucking nice cock and who can blame Conner for choosing this as his preferred lunch meat.

The moans catch the attention of boss Derrek, who comes in, opens his jumpsuit, and makes lunch a two-course meal. Derrek didn’t get enough earlier, and has to sample Christian’s cock too. However, his ass is all sorts of sore from earlier, so this time he gets to be the top to Conner, who continues his oral assault on Chris.  And unfortunately all the jumpsuits are off by now.  Would’ve been hot if they stayed on, but it’s okay.  Conner starts to talk too much so boss man Derrek shuts him up by forcing his mouth back onto Christian’s cock. Time to switch! After some good fucking, Conner cums first…okay, technically I did, but I’m not in this film. He sends a load flying through the air, but the other guys aren’t done yet.  Derrek’s ass has now recovered, and he’s back in the position he’s most comfortable in (bottom), Christian pounds away. These two are hot together. They are both just hot. Derrek shoots a massive load over the tires, and Christian is hot on his tail and sends his load flying high up to hit Derrek’s shoulders! They are spent and collapse on the ground. Work day OVER!

This film was hot! Most of the guys are hot, and if not then their partner and/or the scene is. I give it 5 out 5 LOADS! That’s how I’ll rate them, no stars – LOADS! Maybe I’ll find a graphic for that. If you love Derrek as much as I do, then you’ll love this film. Check out the trailer and get your own from RAGING STALLION.

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