Review: Randy Blue – Brett & Nick

Mmm, good ol’ RANDY BLUE.  Hot, young guys with hot, buff bods going at it in an amazing suck and fuck session. What could be better? Not having your roommate home so you can enjoy it, that’s what! Even after a long, boring day on the job my work is not over. Oh, what I have to do so you know what porn is good. You readers will be the death of me! Oh, the humanity! Oh, the porn! Oh, yeah, the porn…

Nick Sterling - Randy Blue

Nick Sterling in jockstrap - Randy Blue

So this cutie is Nick Sterling. He’s so adorable you just wanna shoot a load over that happy-go-lucky grin of his. Then lick it off. Then lick the rest of his body. Anyway, the scene starts and he’s doing some sit-ups with his buddy. He’s not even wearing the shirt from the above pic, what a tease! Wait, why am I complaining? He’s a hot, shirtless guy doing sit-ups, looking all hot and sexy and gettin’ buff.  His shirtless, twink buddy, Brett Swanson, is holding down his feet with his ass hangin’ out like he’s in a Kanye video, showing off his Aussie Bum jock.

Brett Swanson on Randy Blue

Brett Swanson in jockstrap - Randy Blue

He’s pretty cute…for a twink…with a mohawk. Maybe he should pick up some of those dumbbells instead of just spreading his ass cheeks, and probably eventually his seed, over them. Cut your hair too! Any-hoo, his buddy has no more strength left in his poor body to do anymore sit-ups, so Brett encourages him with some kisses. Apparently the tongue muscle was next on the set list because they ditch the sit-ups and make out. I personally love to watch guys kissing.  It’s pretty sexy.

Eventually, Brett gets Nicks’s jock down…then something else down. Points for being smart. Twink boy slurps a bit, then gets bent over because it’s time for Nick to have his dinner that consists of the Poo-poo platter. We get a nice shot of Brett’s dirty socks as Nick chows down.

After a bit of loosening Brett up, Nick goes balls deep.  The moan and groan and say fuck yeah a lot. Nick inquires if Brett likes his big dick and then pounds him harder and faster, throwing in a couple spanks for good measure. He finally does what I would do to that mohawk and pulls it like he wants to rip it out of his head, or maybe that’s just me. They switch positions and relax on an incline bench. Brett really enjoys being drilled like the Gulf of Mexico, but doesn’t make an oil spill. He continues to ride

Brett Swanson sucks Nick Sterling's dick on Randy Blue

Nick Sterling fucks Brett Swanson on Randy Blue

For some reason they decide to take a break so Nick can get Brett on his back to blow him. Why he didn’t do that first is like the riddle of the sphinx, and matters just as much. Brett has a nice, long dick, so maybe Nick just needed a better look. I see things better when they’re at the back of my throat too.  He gets really into it and devours it like a good cocksucker.

But like most bottoms, Brett wants his load pounded out and not sucked. So Nick gets him back on his back and pistons like a race car engine. It’s fun to watch though, and it works! Brett busts his nut with Nick in his butt. Nick can’t contain himself anymore. He pulls out and rips the condom off like it’s on fire! Hey Nick, that burning sensation is NOT the condom. Kidding! His fist flies and his load joins Brett’s. He flashes his cute smile and they decide to go clean up. Which is what I had to do after watching.

So that ends another great offering from our friends at RANDY BLUE and their plethora of porn. Sexy Nick with his jack rabbit style, boys in jockstraps, and a locker room scene earn this scene 4 – 1/4 LOADS. I had to shave off a quarter or two for that mohawk, but it was still a great, load-inducing scene. And did I mention how hot Nick is? Mmm, I wouldn’t mind that kind of workout with him.

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