Review: Broke Straight Boys – Ryan & Scott

BROKE STRAIGHT BOYS, where the bi-curious boys get to go brokeback with other boys. Ryan apparently blew through the fortune he was paid the first time and accepted the invitation to come back that was extended to him because he had one of the top viewed scenes on the site. He’s pretty cute and pretty cocky, with a Boston accent. He’s apparently auditioning for Last Comic Standing during this interview too. We also learn in the interview that he is now a full-fledged member of the 50/50 club, but gay-for-pay “for the most part.” Which means he has an insatiable appetite for cock and gets paid a lot! Scott is new to the site and curious. He’s told that eventually he’s gonna have to start throwing his legs in the air and taking it up the ass, but for now it’s just oral. He’s a little more shy than Ryan.

They then get down to price negotiation, they need new laptops and shoes or whatever. I feel like William Shatner is in the background going, “lower, you namby pamby!” They agree on a price and are given an extra incentive if they kiss.  Then they’re told to stand up and strip! About time!

They are pretty scrawny, especially Scott. What are they gonna do now? Ryan supposes he’s gonna kiss Scott and suck his dick because a computer is looking pretty nice. How romantic. They kiss. Ryan thinks Scott needs more practice and takes charge by kissing him again. Bitch finally gets down on his knees and repeats his money mantra before sliding that cock into his mouth. He sucks like a straight boy, but thankfully doesn’t use his hands. Scott is happy with it though. For $600 I’d be happy too.

It’s Scott’s turn to suck. Obviously having lied about being “curious” he devours that cock straight down to the balls! If this is his first time sucking cock then I’m Chi Chi LaRue.  He eagerly and expertly sucks it like it’s his life source – and if he’s the cum whore I suspect then I guess it is! He didn’t need to think about the money as a reason to suck. Like any good cock sucker all he need was one aiming at his mouth.

They flip again and Ryan pulls the straight girl move of using his hand during the blow jay. He’s a suck the head and stroke the shaft boy. Come on, show us how much you want that money! Take that cock down your throat! He definitely enjoys making out with other boys. Scott’s definitely enjoying all of it and still trying to pretend that he doesn’t want Ryan’s cock deep in his ass, so they 69.

Apparently it’s becoming popular again. Ryan is going slow and sensual, on Scott’s cock while grinding his deep down Scott’s throat with a not a gag or cough, or slightest inclination of choking.

When it’s time to cum, they sit side-by-side and jerk off until they squeeze a load out. They close it up with some great conversation and the hopes that next time there will be anal – which Scott will probably take with ease.

Overall, a solid 3 LOADS. The boys were pretty cute with nice dicks and we live out a little fantasy that they are just broke straight boys who want to gorge on dick for dinner just to get some new shoes.

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