Review: Butter Loads – Made In Italy

Butter Loads is a website about the behind-the-scenes process of casting for porn. You’ve all heard of the casting couch, but this is more like the casting desk – where else do you fuck in an office? This newest video on the site features a 26 yo Italian from New York complete with accent (geddafugouttahea!).

They joke around a bit as he tells us the fascinating details of his life story and how he is looking to better himself. Because we all know that porn is just a launching pad to greatness. Forget college or an education, porn is the gateway to the American dream! Kyle tries to bull shit us that he’s straight, but he’s told he’ll need to go gay-for-pay and he’s more than willing to go with a ratio of 1 girl to 5 guys if the pay is good and because sex is sex – which is what I usually tell straight guys and how getting head doesn’t make them guy and it works like a charm. I guess I’d do a girl too if the price was right too because I’m betting this guys ratio is much higher – like 0 to 150.  When he’s asked if he’s ever been fucked, he beats around the bush and admits to having done some “gay-for-pay.” Hey Kyle, having dinner and drinks bought for you doesn’t make you gay-for-pay, it makes you gay for dick! But sorry, he was a dancer and has a girlfriend, who likes to watch him get fucked. Well she’s going to enjoy this video!  Now it’s time to see his goodies, and I’m not talking about his brains.

Stan, the funny, faceless director teases Kyle a bit, and asks him if anyone’s told him put his hands on the wall. Only the police and…he trails off so I’ll finish it for him, “and every guy who’s ever fucked me!” We get a close up of his hole, then puts his clothes back on, and told to have a seat.

Genius hears wrong and starts taking his shirt off after he sits down. Stan busts his balls a bit. Then tests him and sees if he’d lube up a dildo and take it. He chooses a tiny butt plug, but convinced to try the bigger one. Stan lets him keep the tiny pink butt plug because he seems to like it so much. More teasing and ball busting so I don’t even have to do it. Eventually, he’s told that he’s going to have to bend over and take Stan’s cock if he wants to pass the interview. He happily agrees and is making this easy for Stan, who tells him to give him a BJ. No hesitation on Kyle’s part, he practically skips around the desk, grabs a handy blanket for his knees, and promptly dives onto Stan’s thick meat. He swallows the thing down to the base and doesn’t even pull the lazy girl jerk off, not for a while anyway.

He spits and slobbers and sucks with gusto. He’s got that dreamy look in his eyes that says “I’m a cocksucking bitch and my place is on my knees. I know it, and I love it!” When he does briefly use his hand, Stan tells him to move it. Something he repeats so often later that instead of MADE IN ITALY this should’ve been titled MOVE YOUR HAND! Stan gives Kyle a little Louisville slugger action. He’s such an expert at giving head that I really think his girlfriend’s name must be Bill. Stan even comments on how comfortable he is down there, pinches his cheek, and tell shim what a cute cocksucker he is. Probably what Uncle Tony used to tell him too. After a long and skilled blow jay, Kyle asks what he wants now? Is he offering, Stan wonders. Well, yeah!  He’s gonna get fucked in the ass, right?! He knows it and he wants it. He gets a condom out and puts it on Stan’s dick with his mouth!

He’s told to lube up his ass and keep his shirt on while getting fucked. He’s told to bend over the desk if he’s gonna play with the little plug to loosen up and it slides right in. He gets shit about that being the same toy he was going to use on his girlfriend. Stan takes control of the toy as Kyle moans in delight. This guy has the funniest moans ever! Like he’s been listening to straight girls faking it too much, but he definitely likes it and takes it. Oooooh, ooooh, ahh, ahh, oooooh. FUNNIEST. SHIT. EVER! He uses his hands to spread his cheeks and keeps getting told to move his hands! He’s got MADE IN ITALY tattooed on his ass. He gets fucked bent over the desk, then sitting on the chair, and finally laying on the desk. He loves every second of it and the moans prove it.  He bounces up and down like the hungriest bottom, and when they run out of lube he continues to take it.

When Stan is done pounding this poor “straight” boy’s ass he gets back on his knees for his parting gift – a beautiful, homemade Pearl necklace. He couldn’t wait to get it and with that, he’s passed the test.

Overall, these videos from butterloads are always fun to watch, with it’s behind-the-scenes audition process and supposed straight boys willing to do anything for cash. It’s not always straight boys, some actually admit they are gay. I give this video 3 – 3/4 LOADS. I’d give it more if Kyle was super hot with a great bod, but it’s still a good watch. Stan remains ever mysterious and you see only his fat cock, never his face.  Probably a butter face. See more at BUTTER LOADS.


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  • Does anyone know if Kyle’s been in any other pornos?