Review: Clothed Male, Nude Male – Terry

“Nervous straight guys stripped naked, groped, and violated by fully clothed men,” is how CLOTHED MALE, NUDE MALE describes itself. And that’s really what they do. Make a premise, find a guy, and then molest the shit out of him. Pretty entertaining. Now the guys aren’t really the hottest the world has to offer, but these Brits come up with some fun and interesting concepts. Some of the boys of the other vids look like they might be better.

In this particular video, Terry is trying to get his son into some expensive school and the admins have an unusual application process for him. Terry is okay looking…until he opens his mouth and shows us his grill.  Way to play into the British stereotype of jacked up teeth, buddy. The three clothed guys consist of two older dudes, one okay looking and one that looks like my eye doctor, who makes me glad I don’t have 20/20 vision. The third guy is actually cute and young, who should be in porn.

So, he has to show them how much he wants his son to get into the school and let them do whatever they want.  That’s a devoted daddy. They begin to strip Terry down while asking him very personal questions about his job, appearance, and sex life as the feel him up. They want to know if he’s ever kissed guys, and he hasn’t. He’s a bit nervous as their hands roam all over and one gets in his face. The cute guy takes his shoes and socks off and comments about how hairy and ugly his feet are – like a wookie. He then proceeds to sniff and kiss Terry’s feet. The pants come off and they grope his package.

More questions and he reveals that he’s sucked a cock before – I feel bad for the guy on the receiving end. Did he fear his dick would get chomped off and caught on a tooth. Terry enjoys it when they slide a finger around his butt hole through his boxer briefs. Of course, he does! Who wouldn’t? They finally pull his cock out and it’s a pretty big Ben. They take turns touching it and playing with it even sniffing it, and comment on how soft it is. Then make him shake it back and forth. He has a pretty nice ass too, which they enjoy as well when they bend him over and part his cheeks like the Red Sea. They tease us a bit by getting behind him and dry humping him asking how bad he wants his son in the school. Unfortunately, they never get around to fucking him. Pretty disappointing, if you ask me. Hope they get to that in some other videos on the site. So, they order him around like a little puppy and make him kiss their shoes. Like I said, these Brits are very creative and entertaining in their offerings.

Next, they get Terry on all fours and lube up his hole. He really wants his son to get into this school. They must have a really good academic program, or he just doesn’t really mind guys doing things to his hole. They finger him for a while, taking turns and even double fingering him – no not sticking two of their own fingers but each sliding one in simultaneously. His hole opens like a 7-11, so they slide a glass dildo in there and have him do more tricks – like he’s a show pony. So Snaggletooth goes between looks of pure confusion to that of pure enjoyment while they play with his ass and jerk him.

They then sit him down on a desk and take turns stroking him, while one caresses him with gentle, loving strokes, and the other fingers his already used and abused hole. Grandpa really pumps him away, while OK guy holds him from behind and rubs his nips. The cute guy finishes the job while grandpa catches the load in his hand. You’d think that he might want to eat the load himself, but nope, even better! He feeds it to Snaggle, and lets it drip into his mouth, then lick it off his fingers. Pretty hot, just make sure he doesn’t bite, gramps!  Looks like his son is in, and will probably be treated to the same fun if he wants to graduate or pass classes.

I give it a solid 3 LOADS. It definitely should get more for the concept, but the execution with no fucking or sucking and bland guys in this particular video cause deductions from the French judge. But there are some videos with a cuter guys with better teeth. See them on Clothed Male, Nude Male.

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