Which Next Door Stud Gets A Week On The Blog?

Which one of these studs from NEXT DOOR STUDIOS gets featured for a full week of reviews on my blog and a profile?

Austin Wilde

Check out his SITE.

Samuel O'Toole

Check out his SITE.

Trystan Bull

Check out his SITE.

Rod Daily

Check out his SITE.

Marcus Mojo

Check out his SITE.

Cody Cummings

Check out his SITE.

What Next Door Stud should get their own week on the blog?

  • Austin Wilde (34%, 182 Votes)
  • Cody Cummings (19%, 101 Votes)
  • Marcus Mojo (15%, 80 Votes)
  • Samuel O'Toole (13%, 70 Votes)
  • Trystan Bull (9%, 49 Votes)
  • Rod Daily (9%, 49 Votes)

Total Voters: 531

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  • Kevin

    Come on people vote for the only one that actually has gay sex without getting paid for it.

    Austin Wilde is the only one worth it. The rest of this gay4pay trash can go to hell.

    Don’t give me the “bisexual” crap because I bisexuals have relationships with both genders without compensation and they also don’t call others “faggot” because it is just as offensive to them.

    • Jeanne

      Um…have you ever listened to or seen the way Austin
      talks? He’s very free with the offensive ‘gay’ terms.
      Being gay does not make him perfect.

      • Kevin

        It is about tone and intent. Two gay men calling each other “gay” or “fag” or any other word used by straights to denigate, as an affectionate tease is NOT the same as a pissed off straight guy using it attack another. It’s like if I call my friend a bitch slut, while laughing, it is completely different from when I call you a dryed up-narrow minded obsessive bitch, with a look of revulsion on my face.

        I don’t use those words or like to have them used on me but I don’t get to decide if other gay men use them in jest. Just like you don’t get to decide what makes good gay pornn or what should see supported by gay blogs.

      • JP

        Austin is a personal friend of mine. I voted him solely on that. Who cares if he is “offensive” He does porn. Lets not expect to much tact here, guys.

    • niles

      You’ve got some serious issues, my friend. Do you realize how ridiculous you are? Here’s a tip: all porn stars gay, bi, or straight get paid to have sex regardless of the gender. Stop trying to make a political situation out of harmless porn. If you don’t like something, move on to something you do like. Calling people trash because of their perceived sexual orientation is just as wrong as the gay bashing you claim to decry.

      • Kevin

        Ladies and Gentlemen, Tucker Scott has arrived.

  • Jeanne

    Cody all the way………..

    • Kevin

      Why are gay men supposed to let woman tell us what we should want in gay porn?

      This bitch is constantly telling men how we should be some how grateful for Cody allowing minimal contact with men. All the while bitching about how Next Door should let Cody fuck more woman.

      She seriously needs to go the fuck away – as does Cody. Check her twitter timeline [link removed] and you can see she needs a serious reality check if she thinks Cody Cummings is the best thing since God invented the prostate.

      • Jeanne

        Who is telling you what you should want? I am simply voting for the guy I like best. And if you hate Cody so much, how is it you know all about his Twitter followers? Maybe you should mind your own business instead of getting your kicks reading messages that are not meant for you. And you haven’t even seen bitchiness yet!

  • Mr Man

    um. none… next door is shit

    • Joe Di Porn

      Which company do you like?

  • Charlie

    Wow. They are all super hot! It’s a win-win!

  • austin

    i am at a loss for words