Scott For Rent

After getting the ax from his ho-bag who stole all his money, Scott went online in search of greener pastures. The green he was looking for was money and he thought some nice cougar would snag him up to be her play thing. Unfortunately, for Scott, and thankfully for us, the people at STRAIGHT RENT BOYS got to him first. They made this sexy, 22 yo, 6’1″ Italian hunk with pierced nipples from “New Yawk” an intriguing offer that he just couldn’t refuse. I just hope no horses were harmed in the making of said offer. They got him over to the studios to stroke his sausage for us. He plays with his nips and even sniffs his own underwear as he plays with his cock. His bitch’s loss, our gain. Am I the only one who wishes I could be that pair of tighty whities? What do you guys think of him? You can check out the video trailer here.

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