Colby Keller Takes Brenden Cage From Straight to Gay in the Sauna

In this scene from MEN’s STRAIGHT TO GAY section, Colby Keller and Brenden Cage are chilling (or sweating) in the sauna after what was presumably an intense muscle building work out. Brenden is having second thoughts about his impending nuptials to Colby’s female cousin. Smart move there, Brenden. Don’t you know that blood is thicker than water? Brenden is sleepy so Colby gets him to take a nap on the bench. Once he’s fast asleep, Colby drops to his knees, removes Brenden’s towel, and jumps that broom!

Brenden wakes up and he’s all like, “Dude, what the fuck, bro?” Okay, he didn’t say it like a frat boy, but you get the picture. And Colby is like, “Shut up, you’re getting your dick sucked. Relax and enjoy it!” Or something along those lines. Brenden realizes Colby makes a valid point and says “I do” to letting his maybe-future-cousin-in-law get incestuous.

After Colby recites his vows to the cock, it’s time to get the party started! Brenden doesn’t want to do it in the sauna so Colby decides to take him somewhere else. They wrap their towels back on and their hard cocks pitch tents in them. They apparently travel all the way to Colby’s place in their towels, because they are suddenly in a living room. Colby drops his cloth and assumes the traditional bride position – on hands and knees, ass out. Brenden’s cock coverer is magical and supplied him with a condom. He’s ready for action and stuffs it right in. Just like a hetero on his wedding night – he doesn’t bother with foreplay.

As all grooms do after the wedding, Brenden loses the romance. He lets Colby know that since he can’t have Julie’s ass he’s having Colby’s. I’m going to make another presumption and say that Julie is his fiancee and not another relative that he’s been banging. After Colby rides him forwards and backwards, he gets on his back for Brenden to drill him fast and hard. That’s when Brenden drops the J-bomb again. He’s never fucked Julie like this before! I know it’s supposed to be hot, and for the viewer it is because what they’re doing is forbidden. But if someone keeps mentioning my cousin while we’re fucking, it’s Flaccid City, population me.

Colby is unphased and continues to let Brenden fuck the load right out of him. I guess the only thing thicker than blood is cum! Brenden gives a few more hard and fast pumps before he erupts onto his bestie, then asks if he should still get married. Yes, you should, and every time you fuck Colby after this, be sure to mention your wife’s – his cousin’s – name…repeatedly. 3-1/2LOADS for this incestuous duo. Colby, naturally, looks good and loves riding that dick. Visit MEN.COM to see this scene and their other scenes that they add daily! Like every fucking day there’s a new scene! That’s a lot of porn! And check out more from Colby Keller Week.

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