Do You Read or Look?

I’m just curious as to whether you guys like to read posts or just come to gay blogs for the pictures? There are so many different ones out there, so what gets you involved in a blog? Where does the courtship begin? Do you like fun, insightful posts? News about performers and interviews? Do you just want to see the latest updates of porn that’s been released that day/week? Do you like it all? Do you like none of it? Do you have an opinion? I’m really interested to know what you guys have to say. Leave a comment and tell me what you want out of a blog.

Look, pretty pictures.


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  • I like it all.
    I truly enjoy reading reviews & seeing photos of the latest releases.
    I enjoy personal interviews with the performers.
    I really like interviews with performers of the past (sorta let you know how life has turned out for them) reflections.

    • Joe Di Porn

      Thanks! I appreciate you letting me know. Glad there are people who are interested in reading reviews, otherwise I’m just doing all this writing for nothing. Haha.

  • KO

    I stumbled onto this site by accident, but have spent about 2 hours or so browsing it – so far, I think your site is fantastic, you’ve clearly put in heaps of effort into researching and posting everything.

    Just like the previous comment, I like it all, pretty pictures but also all the updates as to what is going on in the industry.

    Very surprised that there are so little comments, this site is highly entertaining. I hope traffic has been and will continue to increase for you, as I believe this site definitely deserves to be acknowledged.

    Best of luck!