Jake Bass and Max Ryder Flip Fuck on Cocky Boys

It’s been a long road to becoming crowned King Dancer on Project Go Go Boy, and the reunion special hosted by drag queen Hedda Lettuce, left us with one burning hot question for twinks Jake Bass and Max Ryder, “Why don’t you just fuck each other already?” Ms. Lettuce asks the question that’s on everyone’s minds – actually on Benny Morecock’s mind since he “tweeted” it in. She’s like the green-haired Oprah. The two are adamant that they have never fucked and never will! But if they did, Jake says he’d be the top. Once the faux cameras stop rolling and the Go Go thongs are put away, there’s one final sex scene to be had. To the delight of dirty old men, and some young boys, everywhere – Jake Bass and Max Ryder finally fuck on Cocky Boys.

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Jake and Max have had a hate/hate relationship fraught with sexual tension and duplicity throughout shooting their rump shaking reality show. Or reality show about rump shaking. Either way. The stakes were high and so were the blood alcohol levels. Jake said if they were to ever fuck, he’d be the top. So why does Max Ryder have him bent over with a fist full of his hair? What got them to drop their clothes and engage in a flip-flop fuck? Who autographed Jake Bass’ ass? Those are secrets I’ll never tell. Because for the latter, I just don’t know.

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After the two twinks unload their passion all over each other, they lay naked in each other’s arms and kiss. So concludes Season 1 of Project Go Go Boy. Not to worry, though. Like everything else, you can still download and watch it from the Internet on the Cocky Boys site. Or you could buy the entire first season of sex and backstabbing on DVD at Studmall.  Which one will you choose?? The world awaits your decision.

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