D.O. Gets His First Butt Plowing Onscreen from Hot Rod

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D.O. finally bends over and lets his inner bottom out. For D.O.’s first bottoming experience, he takes the big, black dick of Hot Rod. Two stupid names collide in one highly anticipated scene. With a fresh, new haircut, D.O. thought he’d do something else that was new – inhale a cock through his sphincter on Lucas Entertainment. What he should do is change his name. He and Hot Wheels…I mean Hot Rod, start out by swapping head. D.O. shows us what he can DO with his mouth – which isn’t much. But to be fair, that Rod is pretty long, and he gets about halfway. H.R., on the other hand, can work that meat down his throat.

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What the DO can also do is eat out Hot Rod’s ass, but since his is the main course it’s time to loosen him up. A little tongue and finger action, and soon Rod’s rod starts disappearing into the tight, virginesque hole. H-Rod starts pumping away and smacking Dew’s DO’s booty. That hole is all shaved and smooth like a newborn’s. Do-do has obviously done this a lot in private because he starts rocking back-and-forth to impale himself further onto the behemoth boner. He’s flipped onto his back, where he takes a lickin’ and Hot Rod keeps on stickin’.

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After taking it like a champ, D.O. wants a piece of that milk chocolate. He gets Hot Rod on his back and gets his groove on.  He folds Hot into an accordion and drills deep. This ends like so many of these scenes do, Hot Rod’s face scrunches up and he blasts his load and gives his body a covering of icing.

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D.O. notices that Hot Rod missed a spot, so he straddles the boy’s face and squeezes his icing bag and decorates him more. Hot Rod has his mouth open in hopes of tasting some of that cream. Maybe he’ll get to lick the bag. So ends D.O.’s first onscreen bottoming experience in gay porn where he was fucked hard by the big, black cock of Hot Rod on Lucas Entertainment.

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