Cocky Boys Halloween Cemetery Fuck

Cocky Boys has a Halloween chiller of their own starring Jake Steel, Arnaud Chagall, and porn newbie Dillon Rossi. Dillon was the winner of the contest to have sex with Max Ryder. For Halloween, Dillon has arranged for he and his boyfriend – Jake – to go a cabin in the woods for the weekend.

On the way there, Dillon has a kinky fantasy of having sex at a cemetery. Jake is reluctant, what kind of creep has sex at a cemetery?  Jake agrees to a blow job, and they wander around the tombstones and look for just the right spot. They found one behind a mausoleum and Dillon’s dick comes out to play. Jake’s tongue swirls around the thick shaft and takes it down his throat. Dillon drops to his knees and stares deep into Jake’s eyes as he makes the hunks junk disappear. That’s a good cock sucker. They’re not alone, though, and Jake catches a glimpse of someone! As they leave the cemetery, they unknowingly take someone with them.

Back at the cabin, weird things begin to happen. Jake breaks the rules of a horror movie by going outside to investigate a noise and does his best Drew Barrymore impression. When they’re in bed together, a hot stranger – Arnaud – joins them and they embark on a hot threesome. But was Arnaud a man…or a g-g-g-ghost?! Does it matter? If he’s hot, you just fuck, have a good orgasm, and get his ectoplasm all over your voice. Happy Haunted Halloween from Cocky Boys.

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