Randy Blue Halloween Video – Makeout Point

It’s time for a spooktacular fuck on Randy Blue for Halloween. This time we have super stud Jordan Levine with Ian Parker for a hot fuck in a dark and desolate place. They’re alone, and hey, they’ve got condoms! But they’re not alone. They’re being watched by a horny psychopath – Cameron Marshall.  Jordan is going far fast with his work. We thought this tattooed straight babe might just be a solo stroker, but Jordan Levine quickly got his cock sucked by Chris Bines. Now he’s ready to amp it into high gear here. Not only does he suck his first cock on film, but there’s mutual rimming and he fucks his first boyhole.

Jordan and Ian pull up to Makeout Point and soon are all over each other in a hot make out session. They get out of the car and Jordan is the first on his knees to devour some cock. It’s his first time, but bless his heart, he tries. He mostly has his hand wrapped around Ian’s shaft, but he sure does look pretty with a cock in his mouth. He’s much hotter as the aggressor, though, when he’s got Ian on his knees. By the light of the full moon, Ian worships Jordan’s Johnson. Then Ian spins him around and dives into that sweet ass. Jordan’s tramp stamp of skulls works well for a Halloween scene. All the while, their creepy Cameron is hiding and whacking off.

After Jordan dives into his first man ass with his tongue, he stuffs into with his Hallo-wiener. He starts pounding Ian hard up against the car. Luckily, Ian packed them a blanket, and they’re able to spread out in the middle of the wooded mountain top and Jordan can continue his anal assault at ground-level. I love watching the inked-up stud pound into his bearded bottom, and so does Cameron.

Ian gets rolled onto his back and the cum fucked out of him. It barely looks like he’s hard, but it spurts out. Jordan pulls out and Ian gets to his dick in time to get a shot to the face and then lick the head clean. He’s a little cum piggie – I like. Afterwards, their tongues are back down each other’s throats.

The two gay hunks have a little post-coitus cuddle on the blanket, but Ian has to pee. He gets up and speaks the dreaded horror movie phrase, “I’ll be back.” That’s when the tragedy begins. I won’t tell you who lives or dies or why. You’ll have to watch it for yourself on Randy Blue. But I will tell you that it’s a hot 4 LOAD scene where Jordan Levine does a lot of firsts in his gay porn career at once.

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