Dayton O’Connor is Back

My boy Dayton O’Connor has cum out of hiding and ready to get a face full of it. Lest you think he died or retired, well, he didn’t! He’s alive and well and as horny as ever. He shows off his blow job skills for the ever perverted Dirty Tony.  He’s sporting a goatee now, and still looking like a sexy bitch. According to the faceless dick, the two met while out one night and Dayton was playing darts. Tony has a different dart for Dayton to play with, and after  years of wanting to, they agree to work together.

After an extensive interview – where we learn that he likes masculine, scruffy guys (I may just have a shot!) – Dayton O’Connor drops to his knees to slob on Tony’s knob. He drops his pants and pulls his cock out of his black, mesh manties as he worships at the House of Cock.

They move to the bed where Dayton continues to put his oral skills to use. Tony plays with Dayton’s huge dick as the hunk brings him closer and closer to orgasm with his mouth. Dayton hangs his head off of the bed so Tony can fuck that throat. To finish things off, Dayton gets a hot load to his face from Dirty Tonyand shoots out a massive load of his own. It shoots high up into the air and covers his sexy muscle twink body. 

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