The Fleshjack Murder with Max Ryder and Anthony Romero On Cocky Boys

Max Ryder is a cruel little boy! That little blond twink managed to get poor Anthony Romero tied up to a chair so he could kill him on Cocky Boys! The sexy, helpless Anthony was petrified as Max started grinding his tiny frame into Anthony’s hot body. That was just to scare him. Max then got on his knees to try to suck the life force out of Anthony. He tried and tried, moving his mouth all over that cock, but Anthony was too strong. When he realized that wasn’t going to work, Max tried to choke Anthony with his dick, but our Latin Love-bomb can take that cock without gagging. Furious, Max Ryder turned to his trusty Fleshjack and began attacking Anthony with it.

Anthony was all like, “Nooooooo! Please don’t hurt me!” But Max had on his murder-face and just kept slamming that weapon of cock destruction at Anthony while laughing maniacally. Anthony must be some sort of Superman because he just wouldn’t die. Max threw down the Fleshjack toy for penis stimulation and decided it was time for the final method! He would bust out the one thing that has destroyed many men before, and that weapon was…

HIS ASS! He sat on Anthony’s lap and started riding and thrusting on his cock.  Surely this would end Anthony’s life! Boy, was he wrong! Suddenly, Anthony got  a hand free and grabbed Max by the cock. Now the tables were about to turn.

Anthony escaped the restraints tying him to the chair and towered over Max. He pushed the boy down on the sofa and his muscled frame pushed down into Max for some revenge! In this case, its a dish best served HARD! His pounding of Max made the lanky lad cry out. This was how you murdered someone with sex.

But as all Superheroes do, Anthony did  not kill his arch nemesis. He merely taught him a lesson. A lesson that ended with him covering his cum over the towheaded twink. Anthony made his swift exit, narrowly escaping death, and you can see it only on Cocky Boys.

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