Back To Basics With Circle Jerk Boys

group of naked guys

The site went through a bit of a revamp and kicked out a scene that I was expecting from a site called Circle Jerk Boys. 5 young…ish, cute…ish, hung…ish boys sitting around naked and having a good old fashion jerk off. That’s what guys do when they get together right?

group of guys jerking off

There’s really only a couple of cute guys, but they all look pretty new to the scene. What can you get in this tight economy when you’re a struggling porn website? To make matters even better, they play my favorite game – Soggy Biscuit! 5 horny guys sit around and stroke their cocks. There’s a muffin on the table. The first four to climax get to glaze it. The last one gets dessert! Nom-nom!

circle jerk offcircle jerk boys

(From left to right – Derick, Jason Lee, Geo, Adam Parks, Joshua Evans.)

Last one to shoot his load better have an empty stomach. Derick, Jason Lee, Geo, Adam, and my least favorite, Josh all race to the finish line. They all have really bad aim, and the photo spoils who the loser is. I nominate the bleached blond as the cutest.

soggy biscuitcumming on foodguy eats food with jizz

If you’d like to watch the circle jerk, then go to Circle Jerk Boys.

If you’d like to BE in a circle jerk, then leave a comment and we’ll try to arrange it. Sorry, but if you’re out of LA, then you’re out of luck.

If you’ve BEEN in one, then please tell us about it. Inquiring minds want to know!

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