Are You Ready For These Hot Jocks?

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More Than Ready

When it comes to hot, hardcore sex are you ready? Well the boys in the latest release from Jocks Studio are MORE THAN READY! At least that’s what the title tells us. When it comes to porn, are the guys ever not ready? They could be bleeding out on the operating table and their dicks would still be rock hard and they’ll be ready to take a pounding. It stars Bobby Clark, Logan Vaughn, Alex Graham, Dylan Hauser, Tony Bishop, Danny Palick, Connor Patricks, Jake Steel, and Tyler Alexander.

Scene 1 – Logan Vaughn, Alex Graham, Bobby Clark

In the first scene, Logan Vaughn and Alex Graham are all sweaty after a football game. They dump cold water over themselves to cool off then nervously stare at each other. It’s sweet and cute like nervous young guys. Alex pulls at Logan’s shirt and being then being sure that Logan wants to get sweatier doing something else, the shirts come off and the lips fly towards each other at full speed. Alex admits to doing what we all do if football is ever on – look at the guys’ asses. In this case it’s been Logan’s ass he’s admiring, now he’ll do it with his tongue. The guys have stripped down and started getting it on right on whoever’s front porch! I hope they don’t live in a crowded neighborhood.

Somehow they manage to accidentally butt-dial Bobby Clark. He spends some time listening and jerking off, but that’s never when the people are right down stairs. He hocks a loogie at Logan’s ass and dives in. Then a very hot gay threesome commences for my favorite scene of the movie. Bobby even sounds himself with Logan’s tongue ring – DAMN!

Scene 2 – Tony Bishop & Dylan Hauser

Tony Bishop and Dylan Hauser are already attacking each other as the second scene begins. They’re out by the garage, surrounded by stacks of wood. I guess they decided they’d add theirs to the mix. Tony is so ready that he rips open Dylan’s pants with his mouth – #Talent! He hungrily devours Dylan’s dick and makes him squeal. He doesn’t mind kneeling down in the rocks because all that matters is cock!

blond sucking cock jocks sucking cock

Dylan returns the favor with just as much vigor to satisfy that big, tattooed cock. I guess when guys are blowing him, he wants to make sure that they know he’s a Cancer. He also likes sunset walks along the beach and being verbally aggressive with his cock suckers. He takes that thick, tattooed twat and slams it into Dylan on a ladder, then on a wheelbarrow. It’s hot and rough! Bonus for the awesome cum shots.

blond stud fucking jock getting fucked

Scene 3 – Connor Patricks & Danny Palick

Connor Patricks is soaking in the hot tub to relieve his sore knee, but Danny Palick comes by and has his own problem with something stiff. Danny politely requests that Connor suck it, which he does with no hesitation. Me thinks someone is lying about his “sore” knee. They head on to the back porch, in full view of the patio doors and windows of the house next door. Connor is “more than ready” to fuck, and that’s how we get our movie title. Connor is sprayed with both loads, and probably goes back to the hot tub to clean up.

Scene 4 – Jake Steel & Tyler Alexander

Jake Steel and Tyler Alexander are the only ones in the movie who are actually seen playing a game of football – granted it’s paper football, but there’s a twist! It’s Strip Paper Football. For every point you score, the other guy removes an article of clothing.  Very intriguing! When Tyler makes the winning goal, Jake removes his briefs, that he’s filling out quite nicely, and lets Tyler come claim his prize. Jake’s already large, half-hard member fills the big cavity in Tyler’s head.

These two horny, young jocks make for the second hottest scene of the movie. Jake takes his turn on Tyler and takes the extra time and attention and love to play with the foreskin of the uncut cock. When it comes to fucking, Jake starts with long, long thrusts pulling all the way. It’s a change of pace from the faster slamming scenes, and it’s sexy. I want Jake to fuck me like this. The boys move from being bent over the dining room table to laying on top of it where they flip and Jake rides Tyler.

Final Anal-ysis

Jocks has  put out a really hot video full of the guys that fit what the line implies – fit, young, athletic boys who are horny as fuck! That’s how it should be. Loved this gay porn! Hot jock boys with big dicks spurting jets of jizz – what’s not to like?We have some hot and rough blow jobs and fucks  mixed with Jake’s slow worshiping.  There’s some hot exchanges of dialogue too, particularly with Tony and Dylan. This one gets a touchdown with 4-3/4 LOADS!

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