Cocky Boys Brings You A Thing of Beauty

Colby Keller and Dale Cooper

dale cooper and colby keller, cocky boys (21)

Do I need to say more than Colby Keller and Dale Cooper in a scene together? These two are fucking gorgeous and make a very cute couple. Jake Jaxon brings us the beginning of another scorcher of a movie for Cocky Boys with A Thing of Beauty. The day starts all lovey-dovey with them kissing, holding hands, running fingers  through the other’s hair, and reading poetry. But the afternoon brings on the testosterone-fueled fun.

dale cooper and colby keller, cocky boys (18)dale cooper and colby keller, cocky boys (3)

The summer breeze gently blows, but nothing can cool down these gorgeous guys once the clothes come off and the boners bounce up. The blow job soon turns into fucking in a hammock. Yes, it’s as hot as it sounds and better to watch. They have such intense, powerful energy flowing between them that’s sure to get you cumming over and over. Colby Keller and Dale Cooper share an unmatched chemistry and passion you rarely see in a porn. Their steamy, erotic sex leaves you wanting more.

a thing of beauty dale cooper and colby keller, cocky boys (8) a thing of beauty


Colby is a man in charge, but Dale is no pussy bitch. It’s two men engaging in unbridled passion. I love when they take it over to the bed and Colby has to work his way slowly back into Dale. There’s a realness. It’s slow and erotic as he gently coaxes his lovers hole to allow him to fill it. And they never stop kissing. 5 LOADS for this Cocky Boys pairing and my new favorite couple. Do not miss A Thing of Beauty! It lives up to its name.

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