Colby Keller Seduces the Camera Man

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Colby Keller recently appeared on Cocky Boys for what was supposed to be a solo/jerk-off scene. However, things take a different turn when he started to get a hard-on for the camera man. The scruffy hipster sat there with his open shirt looking all sexy, and gave a very revealing interview about his life and sexual proclivities. Then he decided to turn the tables on the camera man. Mr. Keller probably made the poor guy blush, when he started flirting and finally asked the guy to come pull out his cock.

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The camera man wasted no time and, soon enough, was jerking that hairy hog. That’s not the only thing he did! It was a good day on set for that guy, and I’m totally jealous! If they weren’t in NYC, I’d be pounding down doors, and butts, to get a job there. If Colby Keller told me to “get on the bed and bend over”, I wouldn’t complain either.

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Colby has his fantasy come true when he gets his hands tied, and someone has their way with him. His hands look a little red, someone may have been too eager in tying him up! Then the assault with the Fleshjack starts! Those things look fun, I should get one.

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Colby Keller gets his load worked out of him by the maybe-hot camera man. They never show him so I can’t say. It’s a charged scene and the mystery of what’s going on at some points is hot. Colby starts eating his ass, but did they fuck?? I give this scene 4 LOADS. Check out Colby Keller seducing the camera man on Cocky Boys.

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