Preview: College Boy Physicals – Ryan

At COLLEGE BOY PHYSICALS, it’s the doc’s first day on the job and he can’t wait to get his hands on the first patient to walk through the door. He finishes jerking off only minutes prior to Ryan being ushered in. Ryan is a sexy tall guy, about six foot three with a strong built body, the kind of body that was accustomed to working out and playing sports at least every day. He hobbles in slowly using his crutch to support himself as he makes his way to the examination table. After some small talk the examination begins. He’s such a masculine guy, really hot and just touching his body sends the doctor over board.

He tells Ryan he’ll give him a massage to ease the pain. Ryan agrees so the good doctor gives him a good rub down deep inside his inner thigh. Ryan starts  moaning and rolling his head around in utter ecstasy so that’s when the doctor goes straight for his dick.

He works Ryan’s cock in his mouth and sucks as hard as he can. Ryan definitely enjoys the expert skills on his cock. Ryan’s cock is stuffed so deep into doc’s mouth that it rubs against the back of his throat.

He wants that load and wants Ryan to bust in his mouth. Ryan is getting close as his cock gets slobbered with spit. He starts to fuck the doctor’s mouth. He can’t hold back anymore and moans loud as he fires a hot a loud into Doc’s mouth.

[local /wp-content/uploads/2011/08/cbp_125_ryan-07-28-11-a.flv]

See the whole video at COLLEGE BOY PHYSICALS.

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