Connor Maguire Makes Connor Kline His Bitch

College Kid Forced at Gun Point to Strip and Suck

Connor Maguire, Connor Kline, helix studios (15)

First off, when did Helix Studios change over from skinny annoying twinks to haaaaaaaaawt jock studs? In the fourth scene of their movie The Storm, Connor Kline gets captured by Connor Maguire and I’m sold! The sexy ginger is out for some kind of information, but decides that he can’t beat it out of Connor and destroy the college jock’s face. Captain Maguire decides he will fuck it out of him instead. He points his gun (not a euphemism) and orders the tattooed teen to strip off his “mother fucking clothes, you little bitch! Then get on your knees!” Okay, Connor might not really say that, but he would if I was directing. Mr. Kline is happy to oblige. Like me, he doesn’t need a gun to his head to suck Connor Maguire’s hot cock or spread his ass apart.

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