If Only School Reunions Were This Good

Falcon Studios Alumni Review

falcon studios alumni

It’s time for their 5-year high school(?) reunion and Vance Crawford, Ray Diaz, Ryan Rose, Doug Acre, Justin Chase, Brandon Jones, and Conner Reed are the same horny school boys they were back then in Falcon Studios Alumni. Ray is back in town for the reunion and Vance rushes over see him. Ray’s parents are gone and some of the boys will be over there later. You know what that means – party house! Vance coyly gets around to the reason for his visit with the following exchange:

Vance: Remember when I used to come over after school?

Ray: You mean when you were a repressed homosexual jock and we’d have sex?

Vance: I still am and I want your ass!

Ray: (smiling) Well, cum on in!

Vance thinks he’s still in high school because he wears his letter men jacket. He teases that he’s going to kiss Ray, but obviously this gay-for-pay guy don’t do that. Ray drops to his knees and services the straight boy until Vance returns the favor. I’m not exactly sure on Vance’s orientation, but his oral skills – or lack thereof – speak for itself. I just yell at the monitor “fuck his face!” Instead of rimming, we got a hot fingering scene before Vance plows his BFF. After a hot cum shot, the two reminisce and Vance is going to the reunion with his wife, so they must keep their love on the DL. It’s okay, because Ray has always had his eye on Ryan Rose and is told to look him up.

Justin Chase (Chase because Timberlake was taken and Case was dumb) is up before his alarm and Doug Acre’s morning wood is calling from the next bed over. After jerking it for a bit, Justin heads over and takes a peak under the covers. Doug wakes up and is totally chillax about it, letting Justin touch it. Then with a nod of his head and a twinkle of his eye, Doug signals Justin to suck it. When he’s fully satiated his craving, he commands Doug to return the favor. Doug spits and slobbers on it like a pro. Doug then spreads his legs like a champ, giving Justin ample room to have a nutritious breakfast of ass. I don’t know about you, but I need my coffee before that! Soon enough, Justin sticks his junk in Doug’s trunk and has him crying for more. They magically swap places, and Justin rides Doug’s acre. Chase is sent into convulsions, spasming a load all over his stomach, then begs for Doug’s to join it. They finally kiss, cementing their new relationship.

Brandon Jones is enjoying his morning cup of coffee outside when his shirtless boyfriend Cooper Reed joins him and wants to fuck. They make out before Cooper’s pants come off and Brandon is trying to milk some cream from than uncut cock. Cooper is ten kinds of hot and buff. After swapping and rimming, Cooper fucks his boy real good all over the backyard. The fabulous foreskins forcefully finish and flood the fuckers. Brandon tastes his load then gets Cooper’s cream all over his face and his coffee is perfect.

In the final scene, Ryan Rose goes to see Ray. Vance spilled the beans and confessions are made. “Do you still have a crush on me?” Ryan asks. “You’re the most beautiful boy I’ve ever seen,” replies Ray. They run into each others’ arms and begin to kiss. It’s like the ending of a rom-com where the boy gets the boy of his dreams. Except in this movie there was no rom or com. It inspires a song in my head – reunited and it feels so good! They have hot, eager sex; so happy to finally be with one another. Ray can’t get enough. Who can blame him? Ryan Rose is a fucking gorgeous jock god with a porcelain smile. This pair is very into each other. They fuck, take a break for oral, then fuck again. Ray gets his load fucked out of him, then drenched in Ryan’s rain. The new lovers cuddle as we fade out, and I give Falcon Studios Alumni a solid 4-1/4 LOADS! Get 50% your monthly subscription to Falcon Studios with promo code JoeFalcon. Only good for a limited time!


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