A Fraternity X Halloween

Frat Boys Fuck Costumed Bitch


It’s Halloween time at the frat house and the boys have come up with a creative solution to not having any girls around to fuck at their party. The newest pledge is forced to wear a Katy Perry mask as the hot college boys take turns gang banging and dropping loads into the house whore on Fraternity X.

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They decide in the end, that he should get on his knees and bob his head between three cocks as they verbally humiliate him – which is fucking hot! They tell him that he has to stare up at them while he sucks because that’s what dirty bitches like him do. Fuck yeah! College frat boy hotness.

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The frat boys finish by dumping their loads into their pussy bitch’s face and leave him to bask in the glow of having had the privilege to serve his brothers. Too bad they didn’t make him wear some panties and hose to go along with his pretty mask. Watch the hot debauchery and Halloween-themed gay porn at Fraternity X.

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