Hands-Free Cum Shot From a Bound Troy Daniels

 Troy Daniels РBound Jocks

tied up football player

Troy Daniels put on his kinky football gear for the Bound Jocks football game. No, he didn’t have to play with his hands tied behind his back, but the poor kid didn’t know his receivers from his running backs; and, frankly, neither do I. So after his last big mistake, Coaches Kristofer Weston and Knotty Brent took him out of the game. It was time for his punishment. They tied him up and left him in the super bright white room. They let the video cameras roll as the handsome, bearded boy struggled and squirmed around on the floor.

gay football player bondage bound football player fetish football gear bondage

Somewhere along the line, Troy’s pants mysteriously disappeared. Being in this vulnerable position of being bound and half naked really turned Troy on. He had a raging boner, but couldn’t reach it with his hands tied behind him. There are other ways for a clever guy like Troy to get off. He rolls around and grinds his hips into the mat for a bit. He continues to struggle and look like a fish out of water. Troy eventually gets onto his knees and starts pumping the air and slapping his dick against his belly.

Troy Daniels tied up in football gear jock stud tied up jock stud in bondage naked bound jock boy

He bucks around wildly and his face contorts as the pleasure starts reaching new and exciting heights. His dick is flopping up and down, when suddenly, jets of cum start flying and land on the gray mat in front of him. It’s pretty fucking hot! I don’t know how they did it. There’s probably some secret porn trick or he got off on rubbing his hole, but whatever, it was great to watch this hands-free cum shot. I give this Bound Jocks scene 3 1/2 LOADS.

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