A Howling Good Time

Paddy O’Brian and Colby Keller in Howl Part 1

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“Wolf: a gay male who is semi-hairy, muscular, lean, attractive and sexually aggressive.” We must be informed of that at the start of this hot Halloween series Howl from Men.com. I guess it’s there to tell us that these horny bastards are werewolves having heart-stopping sex on this festive occasion. This is men’s no fuss, no muss Halloween-themed gay porn. No extravagant costumes, no make-up, and no fun! All we get are fake fangs and some Lee Press-on Nails. Sure it’s full of hot guys and a supernatural theme, but I like fuss and muss and costumes!

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Colby has been taken by Paddy and is going to make him part of the pack. He’s going to be stronger, faster, and hornier than ever before! There’s just a final step. Paddy bears his fake fangs and growls. He looks more like a vampire than wolf and the full moon glowing outside doesn’t transform him into anything but a sex beast. Colby thanks him for the gift by slobbering on Paddy’s cock and the initiation begins!

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Paddy O'Brian fucks Colby Keller in Halloween gay porn

Paddy O’Brian fucks Colby Keller in Halloween gay porn

After the injection of Paddy’s cock into Colby’s hairy ass, the transformation is complete! Paddy busts his nut into Colby’s wolfy beard and howls at the moon. He’s now part of the pack – the pack of horny werewolves who will suck and fuck through every full moon. Damn, sign me up! And sign up yourself and check out Howl from Men along with daily fucking updates and more porn than you can ever hope to watch, but you’ll have fun trying. For the hotness of the two guys and the way Paddy power thrust and jack rabbits Colby, I give the scene 3 1/2 LOADS.

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