Jessy Ares Fucks Hans Berlin

When Jessy Ares and Hans Berlin get it on at Cocksure Men, there isn’t really any story or set up. There never really is anymore. But I’m here to make one up for you. So here it is – two hot guys meet and one fucks the other’s brains out. There’s a bit of sucking, some rimming, and then a bunch of butt sexing. Jessy Ares is a hairy stud. Like the Greek god of war he’s aptly named after, he attacks a Hans with his pole and gives an unrelenting pounding in a testosterone-fueled frenzy – like a real man would.

It doesn’t start out so hot, though. Hans has to work with a limp licorice until the Viagra kicks in. Hans’s oral skills are up to par and the uncut cock grows in his talented mouth. Hans bites and plays with the foreskin until Jessy starts fucking his mouth for a bit. Hans stands and the two play with their uncut units – frottage, docking, and jerking. Then Jessy drops down and returns the favor.

They go through all of their positions and Jessy fucks Hans hard. Hans wants it harder – like they all do. At one point, Jessy covers the bitches mouth as he pumps deep into him. This kind of hot shit makes Hans blow his load and cream his tummy. Jessy pulls out and Hans rushes to his knees to get his face and lips decorated in the ooey, gooey goodness of the god. Hans cleans off Ares’ cock and sucks out any remaining ambrosia. Giving this scene from Cocksure Men a good 3-3/4 LOADS.

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