Jordan Levine Loses Something Precious in Brutal Slaying

Jimmy Clay

tattooed stud Jordan Levine

It’s been so long since I’ve written, but I was called to action by this traumatic story. Jimmy Clay did a bad, bad thing. Well, not really. I think he did Jordan Levine a favor, actually. Somehow, Jimmy “accidentally” shaved off Jordan’s beard. Don’t get me wrong, I love a bearded stud, but Jordan’s was getting a bit unruly. And his face is so beautiful that the hair covers it. How does one “accidentally” do that, you ask. Maybe Jimmy was just singing and dancing around the Randy Blue set with a razor in his hand, when Jordan walked in at the most inopportune time and – SWISH! – off with the hair!?

Jordan Levine sucking cock Jimmy Clay sucks cocck Jordan Levine fucks Jordan Clay Jimmy clay fucked by Jordan Levine Jordan Levine 2

No, in actuality, it’s a trimming of Jordan’s facial hair that leads to a shave that’s too close for his liking. This results in Jordan giving Jimmy the “hate fuck of his life.” He still has some sexy scruffiness going on. Jordan is almost too mad to even do the scene and fuck, but really, who can resist Jimmy’s sweet ass? So after some sucking and fucking, Jordan dumps his load and walks away still too pissed to even offer Jimmy a cum rag to clean up with. Check out Randy Blue for the hot tattooed, beardless dude fucking! Click here for a video clip.

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  • btrozy

    totally awesome sex action fun fantastic sexy hot looking dude’s and awesome tattoo one dude had