Josh Moore and Andro Maas in London and Play with the Real Big Ben

London Calling – Josh Moore and Andro Maas

Josh Moore gets a call from Colton Reece and Austin Sugar that they’re in London and want to hang out, but not with their wang out. They make plans to meet up at Buckingham Palace in an hour, but sexy ginger bottom – Andro Maas – hits Josh up on an app right after he hangs up the phone. He’s too sexy to pass up, so Josh invites Andro over for some quick fun before meeting his friends.


The minute the door opens, their hands are all over each other and they start making out furiously. Andro is quick to drop to his knees and nurse on Josh’s huge, uncut cock. Josh can’t get enough of Andro’s amazing mouth, but he craves more. They 69 each other, working each other’s uncut cocks before Josh mounts Andro from behind as both studs work up a sweat. Andro rides Josh’s hard cock, taking his pounding with joy. As Andro gets fucked, he enjoys the sensation of Josh’s manhood stretching his hole and sliding in and out of him. The intensity of his pleasure crescendos as he shoots his hot cum with Josh’s cock still plunging his ass. When Josh sees Andro unload, he pulls out and shoots his steaming load all over Andro’s face.


Watch Josh Moore and Andro Maas at Falcon Studios.

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