Kevin Texas and Michael Mission – Raw

Michael Mission has not had a lot of actual cock in his ass before. He has toys at home that he and his wife use, but only a little bit of real cock in his ass. Last time with Aiden, he learned quickly that a cock is not the same as a dildo, and it took Michael more adjustment time than thought, but Kevin Texas is ready.

This time they planned ahead – Kevin inserts a plug in his hole, and then makes Michael suck his cock. This loosens Michael’s hole, plus Michael really wants to be in the center of a TagTeam. He loves sucking as much as sitting on them – that’s what he and his wife have in common.

Michael was also very submissive and loved Kevin’s military and bossy vibe – can’t say that I blame him. When it’s time, Kevin shows Michael just how well his cock can fill and fuck his hungry hole. The butt plug was a success and the sub slut gets hammered by the thick tool.┬áKevin fucks him bent over, and it takes little effort for Michael to make it rain cum down on to us. And Kevin breeds him like a pro, adding another slight shower of cum, but dumps most of into Michael’s eager hole! Anyone want to eat it out? Check out Kevin Texas and Michael Mission in their raw sex scene on Chaos Men.



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