Massimo Piano is Kept by Sexy Sugar Daddy Logan Moore

Kept – Men At Play – Logan Moore and Massimo Piano Porn

There’s something about being kept that’s just such a huge turn on. Being dressed up like a living doll for a rich sugar daddy, and becoming his little bitch. Playing the game of being used but enjoying every minute of it. Yep, submitting to power can be just as alluring as dishing out the demands. In day-to-day life, Massimo Piano needs to feel he’s in control of his own world, so he tries to call it off with his hunky, gift-buying sugar daddy Logan Moore – what a nut! But real life and sexual fantasies are so often at odds. So despite his best efforts to break away, Massimo is once again lured in by Logan’s persuasive tongue. Logan watches as Massimo strips and puts on his latest gift: a designer suit, shirt, tie, and cufflinks.

Not only that but Logan dishes out a cruel humiliation of milking Massimo until he shoots his sticky load all over his new tie. Logan then leads his plaything into the bedroom to give him a good, hard fucking. But Logan, with his bread already buttered, takes the knife as well as riding Massimo’s already milked cock until he shoots his sticky load too in a hot scene of sex in suits.

Logan Moore and Massimo Piano Porn Gallery (Men At Play)

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