Men At Play Makes Some Changes

Earlier this week, MEN AT PLAY, released at press release that starting June 24, 2011 the UK based site would be branching out past just suits – that they have been focusing on for the past 9 years. We’ll be seeing other uniforms and forms of dress like leather.

“The decision behind this has not been an easy one, but we now feel that we have no option but to expand our repertoire if we are to remain fresh and exciting.

Professionally as creative directors it is very difficult for us to continue with a single theme for 9 years, constantly trying to keep it exciting and not allow it to become stale for our members.

Personally also, we feel the need to explore other subjects in order to maintain the excitement which pushed us to launch this unique website in the first place. Over the last 9 years, we have grown and evolved as people and this has been reflected in the type of movies that we produce. The decision to open up to other themes is therefore only a natural step in this continuing evolution.

In addition to this, the last few years has seen a surge of ‘MENATPLAY-style’ Suit Sex in mainstream porn, so we feel it is only natural that we now move on to something new and more exciting.

We are confident that this will bring a new dimension to MENATPLAY which will please current members, as well as open it up to new audiences.

However we need to stress that we will NOT be abandoning the Studs in Suits theme, as this is what has always identified us, and still remains a big part of our own personal tastes. As the tag line ‘Same game different rules’ suggests, the content of the website will continue to explore themes of masculinity and power-play while bringing in new elements into play.

We sincerely hope that our long time members will understand our decision and will stay along for the ride”

Now, I’m a big fan of MEN AT PLAY and suit sex, and understand that studios like LUCAS and FALCON and other sites have started getting in on the suit sex, but there are also a lot of leather sites out there. I’m hoping to see some hot sports gear, sports bike gear, military, and more. What do you think? Check out the preview post of the new scene.

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