Men On Edge…of Glory?

Men on the edge, the edge, the edge, the edge, THE EDGE…of cumming, and they wanna do you tonight. Am I the only one who thinks of Lady Gaga when I hear about this new site from Nah, I can’t be. Well, in case you haven’t heard of this new site, it just launched yesterday and it’s the latest from the sick and twisted mind of Van Darkholme, or what I call him when I’m in the dungeon – Master. Men On Edge features Van tying up his bitches and doing all sorts of fun and torturous things to get guys to the brink of blasting their ball juice, but then denying them the pleasure over and over – edging, exactly what Gaga was singing about. These guys are almost ready to cry because they want to cum so bad.

I think my favorite so far is the scene with new, straight hottie Drake Wild. Other videos feature familiar porn names like Marc Dylan, Gavin Waters, Alex Andrews, and Jessie Colter. A subscription to Men On Edge gets you access to Butt Machine Boys too, which is going to be making a new video every month.


Check out all the fun flogging, bondage, and cum denying at Men On Edge.

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