No More Barebacking For Drake Rock

Bareback producer, or former bareback producer, DRAKE ROCK, announced that he was no longer going to be putting himself or his models at risk by shooting condomless, cum-filled, coitus scenes. People have speculated that there was a scare over at the studio (and by people, I mean me and another guy on a forum), but the studio is insistent that there have been no repercussions. Well, that’s good for them, but the poor #BBBH mourns. Drake Rock has been a go to for cum pigs and barebacking buddies. I guess people will have to get their fill of snowballing and cream pies from other sources (SATYR, HOT BAREBACKING, CHAOS MEN, and now SEAN CODY!) You can still watch all their glorious goo-filled scenes, just don’t expect anything coming down the pipe. For now, though, here is their final scene. “Straight” cum whore, Jack Jagger and Drake give us twenty minutes of raw passion, 6 cum shots (3 internal with cream pies), a load felched out of Jack’s ass and used in a snowball. How’s that for going out with a bang?

What do you guys think of this? Are you left with a gaping void in your ass? Leaving DRAKE ROCK behind forever? Don’t care? Excited for a new and different type of porn from them? The possibilities are endless. Maybe they can just bukakke?



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