Paddy O’Brian’s Bottom Busted Open

Paddy O’Brian Bottoms for the First Time

paddy obrian gets fucked

It finally happened. The hot, British, straight stud went from power top to amazing bottom for his latest scene on Men. The lucky top to bust his cherry was none other than pretty boy Topher DiMaggio. The tweezed, made up, and hairless hunk had Paddy O’Brian moaning and groaning and riding that cock like a jockey. In case you missed it (what the hell is wrong with you, go check it out), here’s a recap.

paddy obrian bottoms paddy o brian

Paddy shows up to work all happy and excited. He has no idea what’s in store for him. Topher shows up and they go over the script. Wait a minute, there must be some mistake because Paddy finds out that he’s supposed to bottom. Say what?? Ah hell no! He’s a top! And funnily enough, so is Topher. He’s flown all the way to the UK and no way will he bottom! What is he, gay?? How dare anyone ever expect Topher to bottom! Top only. And a certain Alanis Morissette song comes to mind.

straight guy gets fucked straight british guy gets fucked

Paddy ultimately relents (duh) and agrees to get fucked. He’s taken a dildo before, a cock should be even better. The two start making out and before you can say top to bottom, Paddy hops onto Topher’s lap and slides down his pole. Topher loosened him up by eating his ass out, but apparently he’s too much of a top to suck dick too. Paddy’s hole is a bright pink and it’s ready for filling.

topher dimaggio fucks paddy o brian paddy o brian takes cock in his arse

Paddy’s hole is nice and tight. You can practically feel it when Topher pushes in past that second sphincter and it’s ramming time. They grunt and groan like mad animals, and Paddy encourages Topher to plow him. He takes it like a man. Not like a certain someone who pretends and really just gets dry humped. Paddy is an aggressive bottom and I’m surprisingly looking forward to watching him do it again. 4 1/4 LOADS for this sexy scene from Men. Don’t miss out on their summer sale where you can get locked in for a low price for life!

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