Paddy’s First Fuck

Fantastic news, everyone! The gay porn God – Jizzus, he so happens to be named – has smiled upon us and Paddy O’Brian performs in his first topping scene. I thought it was great when he started getting, but now this laddy is going all the way. It took him a billion solo scenes to start with before he finally got head, and just when you think he’s pulling a Cody Cummings  and all we’ll get are half-hard blow job scenes where he’s too afraid to touch the other guy – BAM, he goes one better! He doesn’t succumb to nerves, and stays hard enough to pound Dan’s arse (as they say across the pond) good and hard. You’ll have to check out the photos and video at ENGLISH LADS if you want to see more because I don’t have the latest ones…yet. Yeah, take it with them for not sending me the goods. Enjoy these hot photos of him, though, and you’re welcome for the wet dreams. Gotta love that pre-pubescent facial hair and that accent! Swoon! What do you think of Paddy? You can tell me in the comments, duh!

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