Paging Dr. Samuel O’Toole

Dr. SAMUEL O’TOOLE is making a house call with his friendly male nurse to this poor sick boy.  He’s got the best bedside manner and the cure for what ails you. Along with his nurse, Eduardo Dante, they travel to Rhett Butler’s place – Scarlet must be away on vacation.  After a thorough examination, including a huge meat thermometer shoved up his boy cooch, the hot doctor determines that the young man’s prostate needs stimulation or he’s going to die! Well, maybe he won’t die, but he’ll sure feel better. Just to be sure, the back of his throat also needs to be checked. Now open up and say ahhh, oh yeah, give it to me doctor! My, what a big tongue depressor you have there, Doc.

After a sufficient oral exam, Dr. Sammy flips Rhett over and works a latex-gloved finger into that hungry hole, and you know that’s not the only instrument to find it’s way in there. I love that Sam keeps the stethoscope around his neck and the glove on while he fucks Rhett. That’s how you keep me in the fantasy. Not to mention that guys look fucking hot in scrubs. Hey, Sammy, I’m at home and not feeling too well this weekend either! Where’s my house call? Paging Dr. O’Toole. Joe needs you stat! 


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