Phenix Saint Fucked for First Time

Phenix Saint fucked first time (8)

Phenix Saint retired earlier this year to be a car mechanic, then quickly came back. I guess when he accepted blow jobs as a form of payment he went bankrupt quick. So he came back to porn and filmed a bunch of scenes for In this scene from Str8 To Gay, Phenix Saint bottoms for the first second time (the first released scene was the masked Jizz Orgy with Dean Monroe). He gets his ass fucked for this time by Landon Conrad, who has been a site whore since he was recently freed from his Falcon exclusivity contract.

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In this scene, Phenix is crying over some skanky ho that he belongs with but she’s dumped him. Landon is like, quit your bitching you little pussy. Landon can make Phenix feel better and does his best to convince him of it. Landon has been a good friend to Phenix; and now he’s about the be a good friend with benefits. He’s going to show Phenix that he doesn’t need that slut, and what he needs is a dick sucking that only Landon can provide. Phenix has “never done this”, but he’s going to love it. He slurps down Landon’s cock, and ultimately bends over for his friend to take him from Str8 To Gay in one fell swoop.

Phenix Saint fucked first time (5) Phenix Saint fucked first time (4) Phenix Saint fucked first time (3) Phenix Saint fucked first time (2) Phenix Saint fucked first time (1)

It’s pretty hot to watch Phenix Saint bottom. Seeing his face as he takes what he’s given so many times is fun. Now he knows what a bottom goes thru. I wonder if he did the whole douching process and stretched himself with any toys before taking Landon Conrad’s big dick. I think Landon gave him a bit of a break and didn’t drive too deep into him, but loved it when Landon started pushing in and told Phenix to let him in there. I’d love to see him bottom more. In the end, Landon dumped his load on Phenix, and Phenix shoot all the way up to his chest, giving this scene 4 LOADS. Check it out on Str8 to Gay.

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  • gaypornfanatic

    too bad Phenix has retired…

    • Joe Knows Gay Porn

      UN-retired. You know how these porn bitches be coming in and out of the industry.

    • gaypornfanatic



    beautiful, lovely