Prison Poundings 3

In the third scene of INSTITUTIONAL ENCOUNTERS from FETISH FORCE we are back in the tiny prison cells, where Race Cooper gets pissed off by something Tommy Rawlins says. Race rushes into Tommy’s cell to give him a swirly in the toilet. Then he makes Tommy choke on his dick. Race smacks his hand away to encourage him use his mouth only. That’s right! That’s how it should be! Tommy finally manages to take it all the way down his throat to the base, but still has to turn to his hand for help – whimp! He’s black, but he ain’t that big! Race keeps smacking the back of his head. I’d smack him in the face if he couldn’t suck it right. Race gets tired of his poor mouth and bends his ass over and shoves his nightstick in that ass…no literally! His ass is pre-lubed in Tony’s sick dungeon so it slides in like a straw in a lid, and he spanks it. Smack it, flip it, rub it down. OH, NO! But Tommy wants those big, black balls to bounce on his backside, so Race begrudgingly begins to bang. It’s black on white and read all over as Race runs roughshod over Tommy’s tush – guard on prisoner in this cell block copulation. Race screams like a bottom as he shoots all over Tommy for a 3 LOAD rating.


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