Bad Boys Get Spanked…and then Fucked!

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BAD BOYS GET SPANKED, AND THEN FUCKED from CHANNEL 1 RELEASING and Chi Chi La Rue rounds out AUSTIN WILDE WEEK. The film starts and we’re treated to AUSTIN WILDE playing with himself – rubbing his firm, hard body and gettin’ freaky with a riding crop. That’s just a transition to…




DEAN MONROE, who’s walking around and talking out loud. He sounds like an abusive husband talking to his victim or practicing his speech – asking the age old question, “why do you make me angry??” I can’t tell if it’s good acting and he’s really embodying his role or if it’s really bad and cheesy. He’s wearing some sexy, rubber gloves, a white button down shirt, and some black skivvies, holding a riding crop – VERY HOT! 





And apparently he’s not talking to himself, but to MATTHEW RUSH, who’s revealed to be on the floor on all fours. Dean has a seat and uses Matt as an ottoman before fingering his hole – spitting  all over it. Dean slides underneath him and sucks his dick while he spanks him.






Dean grabs a wine glass filled with water and dips his dick into it…wh-hat!? On the plus side, his dick looks huge in it. What’s he doing, washing it? Must be flavoring it because he takes a swig. Mmmm, tastey. He lets it dribble out of his mouth and onto Matthew’s ass, then just pours it from the glass.





They start making out and Matthew turns into the aggressor, pushing Dean onto the sofa and away every time he reaches for Matt’s cock. Very Tantalus. Matt has turned the tables and starts hitting Dean in the chest and spitting on him. Now I’m all sorts of confused! I thought bad boys got spanked AND fucked, not bad boys get spanked, then fuck you! 





Matthew flips Dean over, pulls down his undies and plays with his butt. He doesn’t want Dean looking back and keeps pushing his face forward. Dean is the bad boy now as he gets a spanking before he finally allowed to suck it – deep throating the monster cock. After some more necessary roughness, Dean impales himself on Matt’s cock, getting fucked with his dress socks on – HOT!





We’re back with Austin as he continues to play with himself. He uses a ruler to spank his hole and stroke his dick with it. Watch out for splinters!.





DRAKE JADEN is a teacher consulting with TRISTAN and his sexy dad, BROCK, going over all the bad deeds Tristan’s been doing at the “University”. What university has parent-teacher conferences? Last I checked 18 year olds were adults and you didn’t call mommy and daddy on them.




Brock wants to know what choices they have for Tristan? Drake is a dirty perve and suggests “something old school.” Daddy is ok with it, so Professor Drake pulls a barely protesting young student over his knee and proceeds to spank him as he cries.





Daddy Brock tells him to stop fighting it. Drake pulls down Tristan’s pants and continues the spanking. Dirty Daddy gets all sorts of turned on by this and smiles at Drake while rubbing himself. Hot or gross? Both! Mr. Jaden pulls out a ruler (hey, isn’t that what Austin was doing?) and whacks harder.





Our Dirty Daddy pulls his child’s pants down further, and spanks him himself with the ruler. He massages his cute son’s firm behind. He can’t resist that juicy booty and starts to lick it and plays with his cock. Brock doesn’t want Drake to feel left out, so he makes Tristan suck his professor’s cock. Professor Sex returns the favor and makes his sultry student suck his daddy’s schlong. He had not clue his father was so big. Before long, he’s bouncing back and forth at the cock bufffet – deep throating, double fisting, and double dipping.





They bend him over again and begin to spank him with a paddle shaped like an apple, complete with a worm coming out – clever. This probably isn’t the first time he’s done this. Apparently he’s the only teacher at the university and no one ever happens by his cube. Drake has all the cliched teacher objects including an apple that’s shoved into the boys mouth. Brock gives Drake permission to do this to his boy whenever he needs to – which will probably be 2 – 3 times a week until the viagra prescription runs out. And while it’s working, Brock wants Drake to penetrate his boy, which he is more than happy to comply with. The apple gets replaced by daddy’s dick for a bit, until Tristan gets to ride it. He’s jerked off and shoots all over that shiny, red apple, and that’s shoved back into his mouth – wow, creative and hot! With the apple firmly in his mouth, Drake jerks off onto it next, and daddy busts on his kids balls.

We’re back with Austin. He’s found a shoe that turns him on. Maybe he’s into puppy play or something and he wants to chew it. He licks it all over and beats himself in the ass with it. I think the next scene is going to involve…

MICHAEL DORA jerking off with a shoe! Never would’ve guessed! He sniffs the rank foot odor, inhaling deep like he’s taking a hit from a bong. He stuffs his cock into, rubs it all over himself, and generally bores me. Someone’s got a thing for shoes – other guys’ shoes! Now it gets interesting. MICK GIBSON walks in and starts yelling about Michael touching his stuff.

He rips the shoe from Mike’s poor hands and starts beating his ass with it. That’s what I would do if someone was sniffing my shit, but I don’t think undies would hurt that much. Mike’s ass starts to get nice and rosy – it’s no fake spanking. Mike doesn’t even pretend he doesn’t like it or struggle. He fucked the shoe, now Mick is going to give him the real thing.

He whips out his cock for some oral lovin’. Michael takes off Mick’s shoe and sniffs it as Mick continues to verbally abuse and talk shit to him, then he wants Mike to put it over his dick. OWWW! And now I cringe.  They’re laying on the bed and Mick puts the shoelace through a hole in his frenum – which I assume is where he normally has a piercing and didn’t do it with the lace. It looks painful and he jerks off like that while Mike licks his nuts. I cringe again as he pulls it out and puts it back through. I don’t get it, does nothing but make me go limp. Thankfully, Michael pulls it out – with his teeth, no less – and sucks the dick the normal way. They finish off with Michael jerking Mick’s load onto his cheek, then his own onto…THE SHOE!

Now here’s Austin again! He’s beating himself with a newspaper and rubbing it all over his body. I’m going to guess the next scene also involves this. Why we need Austin to thematically represent the next scene and not actually be involved in one is beyond me. But he beats his ass and rubs it with the newspaper along with his chest and face. This is where I’d go get some popcorn if I had any.

BRENN WYSON is sleeping in his bed wearing only some white Calvin’s. There’s a knock on the door. Housekeeping! But it’s not a middle-aged Hispanic woman. Well maybe it is and she’s dressed as JOHNNY HAZZARD.  She sees a bunch of Benjamin’s sticking out of Brenn’s wallet. And just like any maid is want to do, she sneaks and tries to snatch it.





As her hand slowly reaches for the cash, Brenn grabs the hand and starts yelling at him. He throws Johnny on the bed, flips him, and starts making Johnny’s ass pink with…yep, you guessed it – a newspaper! This turns into ass licking, then Brenn is two fingers deep into Johnny making him say how he’s gotta earn his keep and that he’s a whore. Now we’re in business!





Next thing you know, he’s getting hit with something else from a different end. Brenn’s balls are slapping his chin, and he’s getting the old Louisville slugger treatment. He’s forced to tell us what a whore he is with his mouth full, then lick it like the dog he is. Or as Brenn said with a hot, Boston accent, “the whore you ah.”





Brenn takes Johnny’s dick in his mouth and continues to redden his ass. Johnny starts to get lippy and aggressive, which I don’t think he has any business doing – what with being a thief and all. Brenn takes charge again and pumps his cock with Johnny’s hole. He plows him hard and berates him until the loads are pumped out. Brenn gives Johnny a deep kiss, and just as he’s about to confess his love, Brenn stuns him by telling him to get the fuck out. He can’t even clean up the loads that they’ve rubbed into him.





Look, it’s Austin again. He’s here to end the film with some piss on the mirror followed by his large cum explosion. He wipes it off the mirror and eats it.

This movie was fucking HOT! From Dean Monroe’s sexiness to a jizz soaked apple to Brenn making Johnny his bitch. Chi Chi is a very creative director and I’m giving this one 4-3/4 LOADS! Could’ve been 5 if that shoe lace thing didn’t freak me out – even though it was very different that what you normally see in porn. I don’t get why Johnny’s spanking scene was so “controversial” either. Bonus, if you get this DVD you’ll be treated to Chi Chi’s “Wrap It Up” video where she’ll scream at you and give you some statistics about HIV. Or you can watch it on youtube. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for safe sex, but don’t be yelling at me! If you want to get or see more about it, visit CHANNEL 1 RELEASING.

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