Review: Bound Gods – Spencer & Phillip

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We start off, as so many of these things do, with an interview with, actually it’s more like a video diary. Phillip’s been in other videos, but this is going to be actual slave training for him and not just about bondage. Spencer is really into this stuff, but Phil has shied away until now. He’s ready, though, and Spencer is going to be a dom asshole.

They get to the Armory at BOUND GODS – where it all goes down, and part ways. Spencer goes up a set of stairs to one side – the dom side? – and Phillip to the other, where they find their clothes hanging. Spencer puts on a shirt, tie, and dress pants, while Phillip puts a jock and restraints on. Phillip crawls up the stairs and meets Spencer, who puts a collar and leash on him and leads him to the kitchen. This is where his training begins.

He’s told to get into different slave positions and told how to hold his posture. Spencer wonders how long he can maintain the position in the picture below while being distracted with whacks from the riding crop. Not long, because Phillip can’t take much pain – wincing and screaming at every breeze that hits him, and he keeps falling over. Spencer is disappointed and so am I. What’s he gonna do when there’s a whole room of guests that he has to serve? He gets a good, hard whack and has to do push ups as punishment. Spencer then has him present his fine, always cleaned hole, which he proceeds to jam his tongue in and out of. Tastes like Irish Spring…and Spencer’s own phlegm – he’s not just a spitter, he’s a hocker.  Next he’s told to present his cock and recite the cock creed while being hit with the cock. It’s fun to watch.

Once he’s shown us he can do all of that, he needs to show how good he is at serving dinner. He brings a bowl of soup, but Spencer wants entertainment. Spencer bites his head off when asked what he’d like for Phillip to do. He asks too many fucking questions. Then Spencer rips him a new one when Phillip crawls down the long table. It’s not sexy enough or erotic and has to do it again! He does it better, then starts to rub his buddy and play with himself. Still not good enough! Moan and talk dirty, bitch. He whines that he can’t though. What? Smack! Gimme that damn crop! What do you mean you don’t know how to talk dirty?? Well Spencer whacks him for all of us and gets him to learn to talk dirty as he starts to finger his hole. Finally, Spencer thinks Phillip should have some dinner and presents him a meat lover’s special. He can’t just suck it though, he has to make love to it. Spencer pulls him up by the hair and tells him, “I wanna see what your made out of today, boy!” Then bitch slaps him.

We cut to Phillip doing what every good slave must do, clean up a mess in a big, empty room. It looks like Spencer got violent and shattered glass all over the place. It’s not glass, though. The producer’s just ripped up some napkins and spread them all over the floor. Phillip recites the 7 things a slave must do as he cleans and Master Spencer strips. Spencer really gets off on torturing his boyfriend in this scene because he busts out a cane and hits him while he’s crawling around the floor cleaning. He doesn’t take the pain very well.  There’s a little more cock sucking, and anytime someone is wearing a collar and restraints and sucking cock you know it’s hot. Spencer makes him ask for more caning and he’s on the verge of tears and almost calls out for his mommy.  By the end, he is in tears and Spencer pours a glass of water over him as he calls him pathetic. Spencer is probably wishing he could get away with this shit at home and really do this, while Phillip is probably thinking “just wait until we get home, asshole!” Maybe he really loves his boyfriend and wants to try this out, or maybe Van Darkholme is paying them that much if they complete, but Phillip says he wants to go one when Spencer asks him.

We then move to the bedroom, where Phillip is tied up with rope and one leg up in the air – like some kind of tricked out yoga position and Spencer finally has some leather on. Phillip gets flogged a little first, then it’s time for some electro play. Spencer straps some pads onto his bitch’s thighs and balls, and a catheter like thing over the head and into his urethra. Where do people come up with this shit?? Spencer gets off on shocking his boy and making him state where he’s feeling the electricity. You wanna see a guy wince, scream, and have a mini seizure, this is for you. “My cock, my cock, I feel it in my cock!” He lies and says he loves it, because Master Spencer is forcing him to and what are you going to say?

Suddenly, Phillip is strapped to the bed and has an electro-plug rammed up his hole and he’s still crying about it. Thought you loved it? Well, he does cry out for more. Spencer is like an excited kid with a new toy and pressing all the buttons. How what does this one do?  Bzzzzz! Phillip is screaming way too much and Spencer FINALLY gags him! About.Fucking. Time. But we still get muffled cries and screams. On the final jolt it looks like Phillip is ready to kick Spencer in the face. His foot is so close, but that rope won’t give any slack.

Spencer takes out the electro-plug and stuffs his fat meat inside a welcoming hole. Phillips ass feels so good to him. I wonder if Spencer is getting any residual electro shock from all that’s flowing through Phil’s body. He doesn’t go easy on his bitch, he’s taking this tied up slave boy thing and running with it. He pulls all the way out and dips back in a bunch of times and then slams hard. He fucks Phillip load out of him, then works out his own. He lets the cum fly and it nails him right on the forehead, flying just over his eye. He almost got the bitch treatment again. He licks his Sir’s cock clean like a good sub always must, and they call it a day. The clothes go back on and it’s back to the real world for them.

If you like leather and BDSM as much as I do, then this is a hot fucking scene to watch. It’s fun to see Phillip go through the paces and take all the punishment and verbal abuse that Spencer can dish out. It’s not just a bondage sex scene, it takes you through some training and service. Spencer puts on his roughest, bad ass dom face on and doesn’t go easy. It’s easily a 4-1/4 LOAD scene. It’s refreshing at the end interview where Phillip tells us the last time they did this type of scene he was pissed at Spencer thinking how could you do this to me, but this time felt he deserved it when he couldn’t take the pain. Definitely a scene to check out at BOUND GODS.

View a clip here.

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