Review: Bound In Public – Spencer Reed, Christian Wilde, & Leo Forte

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Leo Forte is the sub in this BOUND IN PUBLIC video. In his pre-shoot interview he tells us that he’s usually on the other side of the whip. His exhibitionist side comes out with leather. He’s ready to be a humiliated bitch and serve a group of guys. Among them, SPENCER REED, CHRISTIAN WILDE, NICK MORETTI, and Van Darkholme.

Spencer leads him into Gear in Palm Springs by a collar and chain leash, and in a jock. He goes around the store and stiffs people’s crotches and gets smacked on the ass. Christian is the only other one mentioned in the title, but Nick Moretti is there and some other guy who’s name I don’t feel like looking up right now, oh and Van is there leading the pack. Nick, the other guy, and Christian are in the store, I guess acting like they are just there shopping because they try to look disinterested at the action and fondle a dildo.

Van asks Leo what they are shopping for today, and his response is COCK, but it’s the wrong answer. They are shopping for butt plugs and shove one up him. It’s Then he sucks Spencer’s big cock and slobbers all over his boots as people take pictures and video tape.

He’s spit on and forced to look at all the random people at the store and beg for cock. Nick Moretti takes control of the situation. Nick smacks his long shaft on his tongue, and Leo is choking on his dick. That’s not good enough, though. He has two free hands and told that while his mouth is occupied, they should be busy stroking some cock. So he’s put to work on Chris on the Other. Van comes by with an electro wand. Nick complains that he keeps stopping, so his ass gets a shock. Van makes him lay down on the ground and shoves his boot in his face. They want him to take his jock off and get hard. The jock is shaved in his mouth as he’s balanaced on his tip toes and tries to get hard. It’s time for another cock, and he chases after Christian’s, who leads him around the store like Leo is the horse and his cock the carrot.

He gets the nickname Spit Pup and has to go around the store and ask people to spit in his face. There’s a really old guy there and we eventually find out his name is Daddy Zeus. I guess Van invited him to this shoot. He’s so old though, that he barely has any spit left in his dried up body. It takes him three times, just to get a little sprinkle in Leo’s face. He loses his hard-on again, and gets punished. The other guys hold him down while Van takes a riding crop to his balls. He’s hit pretty hard a bunch of times, then he crawls away to get a flogger.

Now, this is where shit gets crazy. Spencer flogs him for a bit. They know he enjoys the attention, and he gets more spit. Daddy (really should be Granddaddy at this point) Zeus volunteers to administer a long, intense flogging session. They all hold him up against a bed as Grandpa Time unleashes a torrent of hard flogs at his back and ass. He takes some shit about how he’s been doing this for a 1000 years and asks if the star tattoo is a target. He tells Leo to take it because he’s writhing around like a wild beast that four grown, buffed up porn stars can’t hold down. Who can blame the guy! I like a little S&M too, but ouch! I don’t think this is what Rihanna was singing about. Unless that hole thing  with Chris Brown…nevermind. This is intense, Old Guard BDSM that I’m not sure I’d get into. I just like a little leather and domination. Oldie McOldster eventually whispers some sweet nothings into Leo’s face and makes him smile and calm down. They get him into different positions and Zeus and Spencer take turns with the flogging. Leo’s eyes bulge and he keeps breaking free of the guys and growling  – this isn’t some staged, fake hitting, dude is in PAIN! They ask him if he’s crying, but he says it’s just sweat. Yeah, sure it is. Your lips are quivering. Leo gets a little bit of a break when the UPS guy shows up and they have to take care of business. Leo thinks he can take more though, and I think he’s crazy, but they keep going.

So, there’s more flogging. Gramps tells him that a lot of people are jerking of to this. They are? Who is! I lost my hard-on a long time ago. I’m just watching in sick fascination! Did any of you jerk off to this? I think maybe when we get back to the sucking and the fucking and the verbal abuse I might, but not at this point. Leo finally breaks down and balls his eyes out as his head is between Zeus’s legs.

After another shift in scene, we’re back, and they’re putting a gag in Leo’s mouth that keeps it wide open – perfect for when guys are going to jam cock in and out of your mouth. He has to beg for some cock and one guy obliges him, while the rest jerk off and watch. Scott Tanner has joined the group. Spencer takes his turn with Leo’s mouth. Spencer spits on him and fucks his face. There’s a long, thick chain of spit from Spencer’s dick to Leo’s mouth that sticks around even when Spencer strokes himself. Scott Tanner is next up and Leo is just as happy to see him appear as I am. Where has he been? And why does he have all his clothes on? Leo downs that shaft and tries to get it to come out his back side. Then he rubs Scott’s cock and balls all over his face. Nick Moretti is after, then quickly brings him over to a bondage horse where they all tie him down in preparation to fuck him. Van canes him and makes him scream out in pain first. He’s gagged with a cock while he’s caned and thrashes about. He begs for more cock in his mouth and in his ass. Christian gets first dibs and some random bystander takes a picture on his old-ass flip phone.

Christian pulls out and Leo wants another cock, please! Spencer doesn’t need to hear that twice, and hops on Seabiscuit and rides his ass. They play musical cocks some more. Christian gets his mouth and Nick gets his ass. Christian leans down and starts to jerk Leo off. They make him beg to be allowed to cum. They, of course, tell him no! So they give him a bit of a break and flip him over, and he’s tied down on his back while another hottie fucks him.  He begs for their cum to be shot all over them. One cock in his ass and one in each hand, he wants them all. He wants a bukkake shower. Spencer gets back in that hole a bit, but it’s Nick who gets to finish Leo off as he begs for them all to cum on him and they do. Spencer blasts it past Leo’s face, but the end drops get him – in the eye of course – and then Spencer has him suck it clean. Christian showers him with a sticky load as well. When all is said and done Leo is drenched in 6 hot loads of sweet and sour Sir sauce. And I’m a bit jealous. Am not the only who would love a cum shower now, am I?

This was a long and intense scene that had to be watched in multiple viewings for me. I debated whether or not to include it for Spencer Week since he isn’t the main star and kind of gets drowned out amongst the plethora of porn studs, but fuck it – he’s in it and I watched it, so it goes in. If you love kink and really get off on the non-sexual aspects of BDSM watching a guy bound and getting a sever flogging, then this is way up your alley. Overall, I’m going to give this scene 4-1/4 LOADS for the hot, intense, humiliating BDSM fun and the hot cum drenching at the end. Visit BOUND IN PUBLIC to see this and other hot videos of boys being humiliated and forced to do sex acts in public.

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