Review: Falcon – Other Side of Aspen 6

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In a cold, cold land, some boys are having hot, hot sex in THE OTHER SIDE OF ASPEN VI from FALCON STUDIOS. I thought this movie was going some epic movie, rich in story and explore the complexities of their characters and what would motivate them to have sex in the snow, but I was wrong. After 18 minutes of preview clips the camera pans over to a snowmobile where ADAM KILLIAN is giving a horrible blow job to TONY BUFF. Suck that dick like you love it! Are you a virgin school girl? “Just the tip!” If you’re going to freeze your nuts off for cock then you should be going ape shit over it, not squeezing your eyes so tight that you could see out your ass. They trade places and Tony works Adam’s knob and does a much better job at it. He’s a lot more into. He eats some ass for a bit with Adam bent over the snow mobile. He’s got some hot, tribal design around his hips. They switch again and Adam gets Tony to jizz all over his chest. Then Adam shoots out a thick load all over Tony’s thigh, and he promptly scoops it up.

COLBY KELLER and HEATH JORDAN are next up. Heath is tired after shoveling two scoops of snow, which I totally get.  I grew up in the freezing Midwest.  So the poor guy rushes to his boyfriend for a hug, kiss, and a pat on the head. Good boy, you shoveled. This turns Colby on and gets him stirring in his long johns. He kisses Heath with some passion and rips off his sweater to reveal…another sweater. That’s how he stayed so warm outside! Soon enough, he’s down on his knees and devouring Colby cock. No fear for him. His uses his whole mouth and slides his lips as far down as he can take it. He loves it! He’s slurping and drooling all over it while getting face fucked. The drool dangles off of his cock and balls and drips onto the camera, and maybe even the camera man’s mouth – making this an unintentional threeway. Before you realize it, they pull a little dissolve and switcheroo, and Colby is working Heath’s knob. He makes an overabundance of spit too.

Once the cocks are sufficiently lubed up, it’s time to put on a condom and go in the other end. Colby bends Heath over his favorite reading chair and grabs onto his ankles so he can go skiing down Heath’s slopes and land deep inside. Colby lays down so Heath can ride the ski pole down the slalom course. Bouncy, bouncy, bouncy, all the way to the finish line. Colby blasts his cold front in Heath’s face. When they’re done, they pack and talk about how their friend Landon will be using their place and he’s been talked to about taking good care of their place and won’t be bringing all his tricks there.

During the midst of a snow storm, LANDON CONRAD has found ski bunny CAMERON ADAMS to bring back to his friends place. They start making out before they even get in the door, with their big, puffy coats and gloves on. Landon looks like a soap god and Cam is a cutie. I love watching hot guys make out who are really into it and each other. They continue making out inside until Landon’s skyscraper dick find’s it’s way out and Cameron does what he went there to do, and he does it with gusto.

Landon can’t wait to return the favor and quickly does a rail-slide with his mouth. He’s eager and aggressive on it. They play swords as they kiss again before Landon does an ollie into Cam’s half-pipe.

He carves his way through the smooth terrain, as they both moan and groan loudly, until the reach the finish in a stellar double cum shot all over little Cammy. Two minutes after he’s kissed Cam goodbye, Landon doesn’t know what to do with himself, so he does what any normal, horny homo would do – he calls up his friends and announces his plans for a sex party! Duh! They get on their phones and pretty soon the message is passed around quicker than a Gossip Girl blast, and one hell of an orgy is up the pike.

Tony Buff is the last to get the call. He’s just finished(!?) his romp with Adam, and, being more impressed with Adam’s oral skills than I was, invites him to the party. Off they go on their snow mobiles.

Landon is so excited about his party that he just has to touch himself as he lays there in his tighty whities and white socks. Don’t feel bad, he’s not alone for very long. Apparently, ANGELO MARCONI, never heard of the term “fashionably late” and is right on time to suck Landon’s cock. ROMAN HEART enters without knocking next (there must be a sign) and swallows Angelo’s cock, who quickly loses interest in Landon, who has to take care of himself…UNTIL! Tony shows up to take care of business. It’s 7:02 and this sex party has been launched. Angelo and Roman switch positions, followed by Tony and Landon. SHANE FROST shows up late to the party and looks for the first available entree to put in his mouth – it’s Landon’s dick. GAVIN WATERS drops in next and they’re all just sucking away. They found the ski lift to heaven. BRANDON BANGS arrival is almost missed, and he’s on his knees with Tony’s tool in his mouth. 

When Adam arrives, Tony and Brandon both get on his cock because they both know what he’s incapable of, but eventually the tables are turned and he’s going between their two dicks. I’ll give the guy some credit, he takes more this time and literally gags on them.

Eventually, they all end up around Adam, jerking it, while Angelo and Shane blow him. Then they all just swap partners again and it’s just too complicated to explain. You have to see it, it’s better that way.

The room is suddenly empty, except for Adam, who’s chowing on Angelo’s ass and spitting on it before jamming his ski pole into it. He hits the slopes hard and rough, no bunny slopes for him. Adam likes to make a lot of weird faces with his tongue and curls his lips back like he’s auditioning for the next twilight film. Angelo begs for him to go deeper, and Adam obliges. I guess Adam doesn’t want to come too soon, so he pulls out and fingers him a bit before jamming his cock back in and they fuck sideways. They put on quite a good show and are really into it. Angelo wants to keep getting fucked even after he cums.

Meanwhile, Brandon and Gavin are mid-fuck in another room. Brandon has Gavin bent over like a bitch and pumps in and out. Gavin tries some dirty talk, but I think Brandon is just as distracted as I am reading the novel that’s written on Gavin’s back. It’s longer than a fucking Harry Potter book. Ron Weas…er Brandon, finally flips Draco…er Gavin over and continues the business at hand. Brandon gets to the end of the novel and it concludes with a happy ending.

Shane Frost and Landon have also found a spot in the house for the same winter sport everyone’s been enjoying. Shane pinches his nipples as he goes on that bumpy ride up the ski lift. Shane must be in contention for a power bottom award – I have yet to see him top. Someone’s been doing his squats though because he slides all the way up and down Landon’s rod. Mr. Soap Stud gets Frosty on his back where they end the scene. The tattoo on Shane’s stomach is Landon’s target.

Another couple who have paired off are Roman and Tony. And we find them mid…no not fuck, rim! Don’t go getting ahead of the plot! Tony spits, licks, fingers, and massages his way around Roman’s heart. Guess what goes in there next! If you said his cock, then give yourself a prize! You are a porn expert and have watched your fair share of these movies. Tony pulls out and Roman’s gaping hole stays open for a minute, then he plunges back in. Well, expert, 20 points if you can tell me how this one ends!

Suddenly, they are all in the room together and have partner swapped and holes are getting filled all over the place. The same guys are topping tho. But there’s a couple threeways. There could’ve been all threeways, but someone forgot to invite Cameron to the party. Tony and Landon tag team Angelo’s ass in one corner, and in the other corner Brandon bangs Shane, in the middle Gavin is spit roasted by Roman and Adam. The loads fly and everyone ends up satisfied. Afterwards, they hop in the jacuzzi to clean up and have a snowball fight. 

And that is how you keep warm on THE OTHER SIDE OF ASPEN. You don’t just come here for the fresh powder and downhill runs. You come for the hot men and random sex! Forget Fire Island, I want to freeze my balls off for a frozen yogurt facial, partake in a cum soaked orgy, and make out with a snow bunny. And for that this film gets 4-3/4 LOADS. Minor deduction for leaving poor little Cam out in the cold for the orgy, but this hot and steamy flick with all it’s sex will have you cumming from beginning to end (if your dick can handle it), and there’s even extra bonus sex scenes on Disc 2!

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