Review: Southern Strokes – Six Naked Guys

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It’s SOUTHERN STROKES for all the folks. That’s right, this week’s review takes all the way down to the bayous for some country cock. Wasn’t that the name of some butter? Anyway. I wonder if they’ll start with an interview and they’ll all have sexy, southern accents and…nope! They’re already off and cocks are in mouths! The orgy has begun!

Here’s my favorite guy, Skylar Lane.

Skylar Lane - mmmm yummy!

So to start, Skylar is blowing Jake who is kissing Alex, who is being serviced by Jason, who’s cock is being chowed on by Fernando, who’s being sucked on by Dalton. It’s a big hodgepodge of sexual yumminess and confusion, but follow the pix and try to keep up.

There’s some partner swapping going on and the boys get just as confused until there’s some instructions from the director and everyone settles down with a new partner – it’s like MELROSE PLACE in fast forward. My sexy Skylar picks Alex for some reason to suck off, must be because he is so butch. He eventually pushes Skylar so he falls backwards onto the floor and pounces on him. Skylar is on top and looks like that’s the sexual position he’ll be too, but he fake fucks Alex, keeping it all on the outside and between the cheeks for a bit, then goes back to sucking.

Alex - the dom top

Jason is tired of cock in his mouth and moves to the sofa and wants to not have to do any of the work. Dalton is sent over to be the lucky dog to taste his snausage. (not a typo, see entry 6 of urban dictonary. 4&5 are good too.) Jason is hot, you can’t tell by the pic…or maybe you can if you go by asses, and Dalton is a shaggy-haired surfer/Justin Beiber type. Where exactly people from the South go to surf is beyond me. California dreams, probably.


Jason - the butt

Dalton - AKA: Justin Beaver

Fernando finds love between sexy Jake’s thighs. This little munchkin loves to deep throat a big cock. Then he makes Jake choke on his shaft for a while and face fucks him too. He teases Jake by rubbing his ass all over his dick and getting in some weird yoga position with his legs and ass on Jake’s lap on the sofa and his arms on the ground.

Eventually Jake throws him on the ground for some more making out and non-penetrating humping. He wants to get into Fernando’s ass, but he makes it clear that his momma didn’t raise no bottom.

Jake - he's cute too

Fernando - the Napolean Complex

By now though, Alex has gained entry into Skylar ass. He was tired of all the oral and dry humping, and Skylar welcomed him in. He jack rabbits the hole missionary style for a bit, then makes his doggy get on all fours. He pumps hard and fast like he’s expecting oil to come flying out…something’s going to come shooting out at him, but it’s not oil.

Fernando continues to tease Jake, but our forgotten friends on the sofa don’t want to get left behind. Jason successful gains entry into Dalton’s hungry hole and gently rocks in and out like a country ballad before picking up the pace and rocking out.

Alex got tired of Skylar’s hole, or Skylar’s hole got tired of The Fast and the Furious. So Alex moves on to browner pastures. Fernando’s ass is sticking out as he practices throat exercises on Jake’s instrument, and Alex thinks he can just come along and stick it in. However, Fernando tells him that his Graceland is closed. Some kissing goes on between the three, but Fernando is basically like, here you two go at it. I’ll see ya’ll later and motions for Skylar to join him.  He tried pumping Skylar hard and fast and keeps falling out. He really wants to take his aggression out on him.

Jake finally gets his dick in some booty as Alex becomes his bottom. The friendly folks behind the scenes want to make this interesting and have thrown in toys and bondage tape, which Jason has found a good use for. He tied Dalton’s ankles together and fucks away. He ties Dalton’s wrists to the ankle’s too after a bit, making for an interesting dicking, and spanks him too. That’s my kind of sex. Unfortunately, Dalton escapes his captor and joins the party with Jake and Alex.

After getting it in both ends, Alex can’t take anymore and erupts a clear, liquidy load onto himself.  This is the signal that our time with these boys is about to cum to end.

They pair off again for some kissing and jerking. Jason and Dalton find their way back to each other, like the true romantic heroes of our tale who were together in the beginning, separated for a while, then got back together.

Jake is the only one jerking actually, and they all stop what they are doing to watch and rub him or lick his nipple to get him off. He finally shoots his load over himself. Then we get the little interview, but no accents are heard. They all enjoyed themselves! Really? I’m so surprised! It looked like they were having a horrible time! Like they would say anything else. 😉  Jason seems to take charge with the questioning like he’s involved behind-the-scenes too. Like a producer who joins in on the fun. Then they all bid us a peace out.

Final analysis – you would thinking that 6 naked guys would equal 6 juicy loads, but orgies guarantee 2 loads, another load is earned for Skylar, and another for Jake and Jason. They lose a 1/2 load for the other 3 uber twinks and lack of accents (sorry guys). Giving this scene a grand total of 3 1/2 LOADS.  What would really rock my socks off is if this site played up more to the Southern mystique with more country boys with twangs and some cowboy/farm boy fantasy fullfilment. I will have to back track their archives and see if  they have anything like that, but this video doesn’t. It does have six naked guys and their Georgia peaches getting pitted. Enjoy more here! Opt for the 30 day subscription as a 3-day trial is almost the same price. Did I mention that you’ll get to see more of Skylar in other vids??

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