RIP Erik Rhodes

No doubt most of you have heard the tragic news by now that the incomparable Erik Rhodes passed away early this morning of a heart attack. It’s crazy, he was only 30! Admittedly, he was a heavy drug user and still did cycles of steroids, so add that up and you basically get another Whitney situation. And I’m not trying to be mean. It’s sad. Everyone recognizes him as the last true gay porn STAR. That’s what he was and stayed with the same studio – Falcon – for 8 years. People all over twitter today were saying what a sweet and nice guy he was. He looks like this big, imposing figure with muscles bulging out of his fingers, but he was a cuddly teddy bear.  A depressed teddy bear, who hated porn and escorting, but saw nothing else he could do with his life. If you read his interview on The Sword, the way he talks about fisting sounds like what a self-cutter would say – causing himself physical pain to cope with the emotional pain. He’s very candid in that interview and has a wicked sense of humor – someone I could totally get along with. His advice for aspiring porn stars is the best.

“My advice would be this: Do not expect to have a career in porn. Use porn as a platform to start a successful career as a hooker. Get your face out there through the movies—which really don’t make you shit—so you can just sell your ass for top dollar on the street (unless you think you have too much pride for that and you just wanna shake your ass for singles at the bar). Either way, just be prepared to be used, for your relationships to fail, and to lead an overall miserable life. Hugs and kisses, good luck, and look me up when you’re in New York. I know a great dealer.”

There’s not much else I can really add to what others have said everywhere else, so let’s move on to his porn, shall we?

I think my favorite movie of his definitely has to be Pledgemaster – The Hazing. I just love the picture above. He’s such a big, muscly stud and I’d love to be on my knees licking those boots. Lucky Derrek Diamond got to do that instead and get whacked with a riding crop. I remember it being a very hot scene. Where do I get boots like that?

More recently, he starred in the Falcon film Body Shop, where a bunch of hot mechanics have nothing better to do then gang bang a power bottom. Guess who that bottom is. If you said Marc Dylan, then give yourself a prize because I’m too broke to give you one. Erik also gets pounded by Trenton Ducati in another scene. Here’s some photos of what happens after you leave your car at the shop. No wonder they take so damn long to fix my flux capacitor.

I think I’ll try to do some reviews of his films next week. Anyone have any favorites?

 You can check out the Falcon Blog and read the official press release and all the comments people have left about him. You can also add your own.

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