Shower & Stroke With Michael Ramos

Michael Ramos Shower & Stroke

Get naked and follow Michael Ramos as he runs through his typical morning routine. Michael is a bit of a sleepy head today, but a nice splash of cool water from the sink and a clean, razor-close shave make him feel bright eyed and bushy tailed. After all, when you have a hungry hole and muscled ass like that, it’s important to keep your hole smooth and fuckable.

Then for the shower. This is his sanctuary. He allows at least a half hour every morning to touch himself and feel his cock grow hard in his hand. Michael uses the suds to clean himself up and also jerk his delicious dick.

After cleaning his ripped body, Michael turns off the water so he can get dirty again. With a knee on the shower bench, he reaches back to finger his tight asshole. He plays with it for a while, fantasizing about hot guys. Then he sits down on the bench and finishes tugging his tool until it erupts all the passion¬† that’s been building and churning deep below and he covers himself in cum.

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