Team Captain Darin Silvers and Robert Axel Find a New Training Camp Activity

Football DL 2 –

In a hot gay football scene, Robert Axel is the new guy on the team and captain Darin Silvers wants him to know that the team is cool with the fact that he’s gay. Darin sees training camp as the perfect time for Robert to learn his place on the team. Robert wonders where that might be, to which Darin informs him it’s on his knees in front of him. No gay man can be part of a team without showing his mates how good he sucks cock. Darin doesn’t just want to swap blowies, he’s going to pound Robert’s sweet ass with his throbbing, big dick too.

Darin bends his wide receiver over and fucks him up against the lockers with both still in their football pants. Soon, both are left in just their socks as Robert rides his captain’s cock. Darin flips Robert onto his back and plows him on the bench. After Robert earns his captain’s load, he finds he loves this kind of training camp. Trust me, not as much as we do, Robert, not as much as we do.

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