The All-New, All-Different Raging Stallion

With that title, I kind of feel like I’m working for Marvel and talking about the X-Men – my most favorite comic book superhero team of all time! One of the many things comics and porn have in common is that they are always changing things – guys, teams, and books…or porn studios. Raging Stallion is the latest one to get a make over. It has switched over to a new affiliate, along with a few other sites to make it a mega-site, and do you know what that means? It means they are giving you more bang for your buck! One membership gives you access to not only Raging Stallion, but also to Monster Bang, Hard Friction, High Octane, Hairy Boyz, Xtra Inches, and Sex Gaymes! That means you now get 7 sites for the prices of 1. I know, it’s awesome shit, right? That’s a lot of porn in these poor economic times.

Stripped – Raging Stallion – Preview

You can check out the latest from Raging Stallion with their latest release, the two-part “Stripped“. The GoGo boys work hard for the money, so you better treat ’em right! Military man Max Marshall gets what we all want from a stripper when we start tipping two-bucks at a time. Trenton Ducati realizes what a big spender Max is, and starts to put on more of a show. He spreads his legs wide open and starts loosening up his hole – not that it needs much of that.

Trenton Ducati - Stripped - Raging Stallion (1) Trenton Ducati - Stripped - Raging Stallion (2)

Max makes it ran on Trenton! With only thirty-five Washington’s stuffed in his jock and spread out around him, Max gets full access and his tongue gets inside places most people dare not even dream about. When the sexy army stud pulls out his cock, Trenton begins to work it over that thick, Uncle Sam dick. Then Trenton asks the dumbest question, “you wanna fuck me?” Of course, he does! Now put those legs to work and ride that pole!

The Woods – Raging Stallion – Review

You should also check out “The Woods“, released a little while ago, it’s their latest big-budget, 2-part movie by the Stallion that’s loaded with plenty of paranormal activity. Weird things are happening out there, but that doesn’t stop guys from going out there and camping. Dale Cooper and Parker Wright are the first two victims of this strange phenomenon. They drink a couple beers and are smokin’ the ganja. Dale ponders the existence of extraterrestrial life, Parker goes to take a piss. The ground begins to shake and there’s a hum in the air. Parker walks back in a half daze with his hard cock pointing out and heading straight for Dale’s mouth. He opens it and welcomes Parker in.

The weird woodsy energy has set these two maybe-straight men into a sexual frenzy and they can’t stop sucking, eating, and flip-flop fucking each other. These two hot studs shed their flannels and fuck in their boots – something I’m always in favor of. If these guys weren’t planning on fucking each other, then I wonder what the condoms were originally intended for.

When they finally explode their white hot loads, they barely catch their breath when a white hot light fills the sky. Dale wakes up the next morning all alone. What’s going on? Where did Parker go? Why does Dale have a candy cane tattooed on his ass? Did the aliens allow Parker to clean all of that cum off before conducting all their experiments? Find out what happens and who disappears next in The Woods. This scene gets 4-1/4 LOADS.

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