The Gay Green Arrow

gay green arrow

Who isn’t in love with Stephen Amell from the CW show Arrow? It was only a matter of time before someone made a porn parody about it. This one is courtesy of‘s site Drill My Hole. I guess it’s not so much a parody because it’s not really funny; it’s more like a sexody. Liam Magnuson is the sexy, hooded hero, and Spencer Fox is the not-so-evil villain.

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Spencer Fox is out to expose the Gay Green Arrow, but Arrow can’t let that happen! He chases Spencer down an alley where a hot and sexy blogger is on their tale. They are too preoccupied to notice. Spencer runs into a warehouse, where the klutzy bad boy trips and drops his gun. Sources tell me that they actually tripped Spencer because he couldn’t fall right. Mr. Arrow catches up and confronts the bad, bad man. Spencer doesn’t want to expose Liam, he wants Liam to expose himself, physically. The sexual tension builds and the two start kissing deeply.

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Yes, this is what they’ve both longed for ever since the day they crossed paths. Who could resist the Green Arrow’s hood. I’m more of a fan of the spandex the gloves, and the painted on mask. I’d ask him to keep his entire costume on if he was fucking me. Spencer does care, he’s just mad for that fat cock on his blond-haired bow-carrying bang bud. Liam aims his long, hard shaft at the pink and brown target.

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Spencer takes it from behind, then rides the Arrow. He quivers at the hero’s touch. Soon, Spencer is on his back so he can gaze lovingly into Liam’s eyes as they blow their loads. They’re startled when another load flies out from behind a forklift and the spying blogger is caught jerking off! The two decide to wrestle the blogger down and take turns on his tight hole… Oh, wait, that’s just what I wanted to happen. 4 LOADS for a scene that finally has superheroes doing what we want them to do. Check out Drill My Hole for the action.

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