Where Did Marcus Mojo Go?


Were you worried after the Moldavian Massacre that happened at Next Door Studios? Were you trembling with fear for your favorite straight slut, Marcus Mojo? Wondering where would he go? How would he survive? Whose cock would he suck? The jury is still out, and I can’t help you there.

I thought I knew when I received an email and about a latest video on added to Jizz Addiction featuring Marcus Mojo. Upon further inspection, it’s pretty obvious that the scene is old and probably from the time he was operating under the same Landon Mycles when he was hungry for the man juice. They probably thought they could get away with it too if it was for this meddling blogger! But, should you be an avid fan and want to see this scene with Turk Mason and Jacob Wright, here’s some photos of the younger, green-eyed, cum hungry, hung, hunk.

Actually, the last time Marcus had anything released was two months ago when Escape from Falcon Studios came out. And it was probably filmed a couple months before then. Check out Marcus Mojo getting fucked by Brandon Lewis in a little pool with a waterfall, surrounded by a beautiful garden. It’s Homeo and Sluttiette.

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